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Product code: PEAK

  • Self-adhesive grip material
  • Surface consists of large chunky granules
  • HG adhesive, which is incredibly strong
  • Available in rolls from 3/4″ to 46″
  • Overview
  • Colors

Provide a permanent grip surface to environments frequently exposed to mud and water. These liquids flow away due to the tape’s clever large well-spaced grit construction.


From grit spacing to grit size, this tape is an effective anti-slip solution. The spacing between the grit granulates ensure water and other fluid flow away, preventing clogging from mud or other contaminants.

Areas exposed to harsh conditions require tape to be durable with excellent traction, by design, PeakGrip provides these benefits thanks to the extra-large particles and their spacing.


1”, 2”, and 4” rolls are available for immediate dispatch, but we can produce varied widths and lengths of rolls from the original 300’ log upon request.

We can produce in any roll width from ¾” to 46” (sizes as narrow as ½” can be produced based on MOQs).  Normal roll lengths are 60’.

Silicone Carbide Mineral

Silicone carbide is commonly used at Heskins LLC as this mineral works really well, and applies well for the uses of PeakGrip. We use large chunky granules in PeakGrip to provide a strong grip, making the anti-slip material slightly thicker.

Custom Tape – PeakGrip

Our graphics team can help you create uniquely designed and branded rolls of PeakGrip, allowing your brand to be seen. For more information, you can contact us via phone, Live Chat or the contact us form on the website.


Pantone / RAL
Black U / 9005
Average LRV


Light Reflectance Values

Product code Color Av. LRV Range
H3456N Black 0.46 0.72

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