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Fluorescent Anti Slip Tape – The Dual Problem Solver

Anti-Slip Tape

Many Heskins anti-slip tapes are multi-tasking products. Fluorescent anti slip tape is no exception. Read how fluorescent anti slip tape can help you.

There are many dual purposes Heskins anti slip tape can be paired with. Recently, we had a middle school come to us in search of a non-skid tape with high visibility. Why is that you may ask? We have the answer! This school had noticed that an internal staircase became extremely slippery on rainy days when their students walked in from outside with wet feet. They also had a visually impaired student that had required the stair edges to be highly visible. Heskins solved the problem with their fluorescent anti-slip tape. Not only can fluorescent anti-slip products be used to prevent slips in potentially dangerous areas, but this tape helps increase safety to those are visually weakened.

Heskins Fluorescent anti slip tape is an incredible dual problem solver. Our bright colors can aid in providing an alert for those who have difficulty seeing while still assisting in preventing slip and falls. Applying Safety Grip non-skid tape to the stair nosing would create a non-skid surface along the edge to ensure a good grip when ascending or descending stair ways. This essentially will decrease the number of slips and falls from walking up or down wet staircases as well as creating an appealing visual aide.

Our fluorescent colored non-skid tape can be applied in several places including stairwells, sidewalks, doorways, etc. to help prevent dangerous accidents.

It is important to be safe and cautious everywhere you go. So, in addition to schools, our tape would be very fitting in a workplace or home environment as well. Because of its fine grade aluminum oxide, our standard Safety Grip tape is a suitable product for several applications. Heskins fluorescent anti-slip tapes come in a variety of colors including vibrant yellow, green and pink. For more information on our fluorescent colors and sizes, feel free to contact us by filling out our contact form.

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