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H3654 Abrasive Glow in the Dark Anti Slip Tape Now Available

Glow in the Dark Tape

H3654 glow in the dark anti slip tape is a new addition to the Heskins range. The benefits of our marine tape combined with photoluminescence.

For 20 years Heskins has been working with photoluminescent materials. We have continuously added to our range and this has resulted in consistent growth. We see excellent potential in combining our industry leading anti-slip capabilities with high specification photoluminescence. H3654 glow in the dark tape is our latest development.

H3654 Glow in the Dark Anti Slip Tape; What’s New?

H3654 glow in the dark tape has MCD levels far in excess of ASTM E 2072 requirements combining an abrasive top coating that provides excellent levels of grip (Coefficient of Friction). The top coating is our marine type S2 meaning that it can be cleaned by normal cleaning methods to ensure that the light levels pass through and are visible. H3654 glow in the dark anti slip tape has an incredible level of 12mcd/m² at 60 minutes! H3654 glow in the dark tape helps to meet the Photoluminescent standards set in State building codes such as: New York building code, California building code etc.

To touch on the abrasive surface. The S2 that is applied, like our marine anti slip tape, is an abrasive that can be walked on with bare feet and will not damage clothes. This is due to the grit being round beads rather than shards like what is applied to our abrasive Safety Grip range. When it comes to application uses, this is a very important feature. This allows it to be used in areas where bare feet or skin will be exposed. People can then work or enjoy their activities without any possible injuries being caused by the safety product itself!

H3654 Size Options

H3654 glow in the dark antislip tape is available in full width logs up to 46″ and 49ft in length. Heskins create rolls from 0.75″ upwards as well as various die-cut shapes.

The most popular sizes are available for immediate dispatch, but please contact us to discuss your needs. We do enjoy discussing custom options with you ( MOQ’s apply to custom solutions ).

We welcome any questions and feedback! Contact the sales team by phone, live chat or the contact us form on the website.

How Does Glow In The Dark Tape Work?

Our photoluminescent tape contains photons that are energized by light. Photoluminescence is created by the photons absorbing all visible, UV, or infrared rays. This is a non-radioactive process making it completely safe. Once absorbed, they store the light particles and reflect them.

How To Activate Glow In The Dark Tape?

Before applying our glow-in-the-dark tape, we advise you to “charge” the tape. This could mean rolling it out to your needed size and preferably natural light outside, however artificial light will still charge the tape. This ensures that once applied, the tape has captured all the light particles, so when there are lights out, the tape will activate and will glow, making it clear and visible.

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