Heskins Announce New Floor Safety Signs

heskins fire extinguisher floor marker Heskins produce a range of floor safety signs, which are suitable to apply in a variety of areas and environments to warn of restrictions or potential hazards.

Their durable plastic construc­tion, with vibrant surface print and top laminate, will ensure they perform effectively for a very long time.


Application is easy, and are ready to use as soon as they are applied. The range consists of:

Danger – High Voltage danger high voltage floor signThese floor safety signs warn of areas where machinery with a high voltage is present, and therefore can only be entered by qualified profes­si­onals, to prevent injury through mis-use.


Ear Protection Required Many industrial machines can be very noisy, and therefore prolonged exposure can lead to damaged hearing or complete hearing loss.


Emergency Exit emergency exit floor signThis bright, green signs help to highlight emergency exit doors, and are glow in the dark also to be seen in low light or lights out areas also.


Exit This Way Unknown areas can become disori­en­tating, but with Heskins exit signs, you can be safely guided to exit areas and doors. ‘Exit This Way’ signs are also glow in the dark, so can be seen easily in areas prone to low light or lights out conditions.


Fire Exit fire exit floor signIn the event of a fire, there are designated exit ways in buildings that are chosen due to them leading the safest ways out of buildings. You can help highlight these areas with our bold ‘Dire Exit’ signs


Fire Extinguisher – Do Not Block In the event of a fire, some can be tackled by a person. This sign not only helps identify an area where fire extin­gu­ishers are stored, not only for use in the event of a fire, but to notify everyone that the area must be kept clear.


First Aid first aid floor signHeskins ‘First Aid’ floor safety signs help to highlight first aid stations within a building, ensuring that if anyone requires them, they are found quickly and easily.


Caution Fork Lift Crossing In many buildings, forklifts are used in many areas that cross with foot traffic. By using these vivid, yellow signs, you can ensure that people are notified to use caution when walking through these areas.


Hard Hat Area hard hat area signAreas with potential falling objects benefit from the use of Heskins ‘Hard Hat Area’ floor safety signs, making them aware of the strict regulations in place to keep them safe.


No Smoking Whether a food area, or area storing combustible products, no smoking signs notify people of this restriction.


Notice – Safety Glasses, Shoes & Hard Hats Required Beyond This Point safety gear floor signIn many areas of industrial under­takings, strict safety restrictions are required to prevent possible injury. These signs notify people to adhere to these regulations to stay safe.


STOP Stop signs can be used outside and inside buildings to warn vehicles and forklifts to stop before proceeding.


These work in a similar way to highway signs to highlight caution that must be taken. All of the aforem­en­tioned floor safety signs are available for immediate dispatch, and can be used in internal and external areas. Not just confined to floors, they can also be used on doors and walls as well to help improve their effec­tiveness, and increase safety in the workplace further.

View the rest of the range on the floor safety signs product page. Custom options are also available, depending on order quantity, Heskins can help you get the exact requirement for your business. For more information, or to place and order, you can do so by contacting Heskins by phone or email.

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