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We are Heskins®, Anti-Slip Tape Manufacturers in the USA

Anti-Slip Tape

Anti slip tape was the start of Heskins® back in 1997, our production focused on a limited range and has since blossomed into a wide spread of anti slip tape materials including both abrasive and non-abrasive, DOT tape and heavy duty line marking.

I want to talk about how we can modify anti slip tape to what your specific requirements are. A large part of our volume is making it unique for you, we can;

Change the adhesive to what you want. We have further posts on different adhesives on offer, these could be for adhering onto low energy surfaces, high temperature resistance, removable etc.

If non-abrasive we can change the pattern, we can make it sharper, deeper etc. For abrasive anti slip tape we offer a full array of different mineral sizes, spacing widths and mineral types.

  • All colors are possible, we have made some discreet options to really shocking options.
  • Plastic free – we are unique in our range of plastic free, phthalate free, plasticizer free etc.
  • Thicknesses can be changed.
  • We can change stretch tolerances to make them super tough if required.
  • High flame resistance can be achieved
  • All packaging options are offered including retail, bulk packed, plastic free etc.
  • Roll widths – easy we do this every day!
  • Special shapes – easy we do this every day!

All this can be done dependent on quantity; we like a challenge, we find it interesting. As a genuine manufacturer of anti slip tape we have the solutions will need to create that perfect product, that perfect solution.

We look forward to hearing from you and I really hope we can create that custom anti slip tape just for you!


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