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Heskins are on the move!


We had to carefully plan the entire operation to our new address: Heskins LLC PO Box 559 East Butler PA 16029.

Recently, we said goodbye to our old warehouse, and moved into a larger warehouse space, situated in East Butler. Before moving, we had to carefully plan the entire operation, to ensure everything happened smoothly. From moving our production machines, to installing comms, it was all coordinated to ensure downtime was minimal. Before anything was moved from the existing warehouse, we made sure all electrical points for the machines were in place, as well as blueprints for the floor layout created to help things go straight where they need to go. We had to arrange comms during this time also, to ensure we had internet connectivity the moment we needed it. Once power and comms was in place, we could now begin moving the business from Butler, over to East Butler….

The machines were the first to go, one by one they were loaded onto trucks and taken over, then placed in their designated positions. Once they were in place, they were hooked up to the power supplies and switched on. Stock was next to go. We had everything, bar a select amount for order fulfilment, palletized, shrink wrapped and lifted in to the back of a truck by forklift, before being taken over. We had to upgrade our racking, due to the added height we had in the new building, so the racking at the existing warehouse was dismantled.

Once the new racking was in place at the new building, stock was then loaded up on to it, giving us much space for additional stock and new products. Moving our office over was the next task, but before that could be done, it need a bit of a makeover, so the walls were painted and new carpet put down. With the internet already in and activated, it was a matter of moving all furniture and hardware in, and setting it up.

Our initial planning allowed the switch over to be very easy, and with our network infrastructure, there were no additional disruptions. During these final stages of the move, we were processing order from the trunk of a car, which turned out to be easier than expected and helped everything run as smoothly as it could during the move. We’re really happy with the new building. We have so much more space, and the office is very comfortable. The team have been fantastic during the move, and all the effort that has been put in has been very appreciated.

Our new address is: Heskins LLC PO Box 559 East Butler PA 16029 You can find our returns address on our contact us page.

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