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Heskins Custom Safety Tape Printing Service

Anti-Slip Tape

Heskins are pleased to offer a custom printing service for the safety tape we manufacture. Read more about Heskins custom printed safety tape service here.

Heskins has always offered printed safety tapes, but previously, we have always sub-contracted the printing process to specialist companies. The reason for this is that the machinery required to print onto anti-slip tapes, both abrasive and non-abrasive, as well under-surface printing for our heavy-duty floor marking materials was very complex and expensive. I always said that for these reasons we would never print our own. However, with changes in circumstances, we’re happy to say that we have changed our mind!

In early 2020 we started the project to print onto our own materials. Our objectives were to print full-width and full-colour to our own safety tapes with a durable print finish that even included white prints, which is very rare for printers.

Launching a new production capability during the strict COVID lockdowns was not easy! By late 2020, we had put the machinery together and began the process of modifying it to work with our safety tapes. This was completed about 2 months before publication of this post!

We are happy to say that Heskins now has in in-house custom safety tape printing service that prints in high-quality to Heskins anti-slip and marking tapes ready to meet your requirements. The past year has been a massive learning curve perfecting the print process on our different materials, but all effort has been worthwhile. We’re happy with the amazing, durable and high-definition print quality, it is amazing!

Roll Printing

custom printed anti slip tape roll

The printer has been heavily modified so it winds the material with 100% accuracy, this is vital to allow us to slit it after printing. You can choose any of our Safety-Grip and non-abrasive range fully printed and slit to any width (minimum design and/or width restrictions apply between materials).

Die-cut Printing

custom printed die cut anti slip tape

We can print and then die cut to any shape, die cutting is accurate to 0.1mm.

Heavy-duty Floor Marking Tapes

custom printed line marking tape

Our unique range of heavy-duty floor marking tapes are available printed to your design.

If you would like to make use of our printing services for your next safety tape requirement, then we would like to discuss them with you. For information and advice regarding the process and minimum order quantities, please speak to our sales team now by phone or live chat. Alternatively, complete the contact us form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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