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Heskins® Different Anti Slip Tapes Explained

Anti-Slip Tape

Heskins® provide a large range of anti-slip tapes, but what are the differences? Here we try to explain the different anti-slip tapes Heskins® supplies.

Over time, Heskins® has seen a massive growth in products. We have extended our standard abrasive materials and added several others such as floor marking tapes, bolt down plates, floor marking tapes and many other variations of these. Heskins® most popular products today feature abrasive and non-abrasive surfaces. What’s the difference you may ask? Well let’s find out! Below you will find the opportunity to learn about the differences between our anti slip tapes that Heskins® supplies.

Different Anti Slip Tapes Construction

Learning the construction of our different anti slip tapes is a crucial part of this process, as it can help you decide which material is best suited for your application. In this read, you will find several differences in the fashion of our abrasive and non-abrasive that will help you understand and choose what is best for you

Abrasive Anti Slip Tape

Our first tape ever created and sold was our leading material and staple to the company, known as Safety Grip. It has been the grounds for all of our abrasive goods and product variations. By keeping durability and adaptability in mind, we started constructing our Safety Grip with a simple backing liner. This liner is a flexible PVC band that is durable in essentially all weather types. Once we have the backing liner, we then apply resin to the surface. Crushed aluminium oxide is applied on top of this. Together, it is delivered through a static bar. This ensures that the sharpest peaks of the grit are pointing upwards. Finally, a thinner layer of resin is used to seal the top, inhibiting shredding, which allows for an increase in durability. Once that process is complete, we then apply an extremely strong adhesive to the underside and cover it with a backing liner to complete the product.

Non Abrasive Anti Slip Tape

Heskins® produces several different non-abrasive materials, however they are all constructed in a similar process. To create our non-abrasive products, we choose through varying thicknesses of PVC which are processed to create a “rubber-like” more pliable finish. To get the anti-slip property, it is then passed through an embossing roller. The process for our Coarse Resilient material is slightly different. To create higher peaks and deeper valleys than that of our Aqua Safe product, this material undergoes a process called ‘micro-blowing’. This process is performed after the initial embossing process. Once this process is complete, the adhesive is then applied to the PVC material and sealed with a backing liner to protect it until the application. This method of fabrication for our non-abrasive anti slip material is effective in that there are no hidden areas for bacteria or dirt to live, yet it still provides a non slip solution that can contest with our Safety Grip. This material can also endure wet areas, as well as places with stringent hygiene standards. This is something that our abrasive materials are not always capable of.

Application Examples

There are several different applications that Heskins® different anti slip tapes can be used for. Below are some examples of locations of where they can be used that will aid you in choosing what’s best for you.


Often times, exteriors are vulnerable to dirt and bacterial build-up. This can be due to factors such as rough conditions or low up-keep. Dirt alone can cause accidents, but adding water can almost guarantee a dangerous incident to happen. It’s extremely important to use a high quality floor marking material in areas with potential slip hazards. Because our abrasive material has high peaks and low valleys, dust and dirt will settle down in but it will not affect the non-slip properties, therefore the performance of our material is not affected. Listed below are some examples of areas where slips often occur. Our tape can provide an extra safety solution to lessen the risk.

External walkways

External Stairways and Nosing’s

Diamond tread walkways and stairs ( conformable anti slip tape is ideal for this )


Created to feature an effective non-slip surface, our non-abrasive material is also constructed to be kind to bare skin. Unlike our abrasive material, this material does not have that “sandpaper texture” that could scratch bare skin or snag clothing. This material is made to be walked on in bare feet if necessary. Unlike abrasive anti slip tape, it lacks the hidden areas that can trap dirt and bacteria. One of the best parts about this product is that it is constructed and tested to withstand areas exposed to water, as well as settings with firm hygiene standards. Some of these include:


Bath Tubs

Restaurant kitchens

Medical labs

Swimming pools

The Heskins® YouTube channel can also provide you with a visual of our different anti-slip tapes to help you choose what material is best suited for your application. View our video regarding this very blog post below. For more information, you can view our range of different anti-slip tapes on the Heskins® website, or alternatively contact the Heskins® sales team by phone, live chat or the contact us form on the website.

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