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Heskins Donates to the Local Fire Department


For all the hard work the Butler fire department do, we were more than happy to provide some of our materials to improve efficiency at the station.

Just up the road from the Heskins warehouse is East Butler’s local fire station. For all the work they do for our city, we at Heskins thanked them by donating a couple of rolls of our 3”x98ft rolls of industrial floor marking tape, known as PermaRoute. I had the opportunity to go down to the fire station myself and snap some images of the material being used. As you can see in the images, East Butler Fire Station has used the yellow and yellow/black hazard PermaRoute to line the floor where the ambulance and fire trucks park in the station.

The small pieces of black and yellow hazard material are used to show where to stop the vehicle when backing in. You can see that the tires are lined up just where the black and yellow sections are. Our PermaRoute product is a heavy duty line marking material that is intended for industrial settings.

This material helps to alert these large fire trucks and ambulances of where they need to park in order to keep the vehicle safe and undamaged. It is also used to be sure there is enough room for our volunteer firefighters/ambulance drivers to manoeuvre through the garage. We can’t thank everyone at the East Butler Station 9 & 44 enough for all they do! PermaRoute comes in all different colors and variations which can be found on If you have an application you feel this material would work for, send your inquiries to us via our contact form, or by phone at 724-256-8359.

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