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Heskins DOT Tape: Precision-Cut Perfection for Tank Trailers

DOT Tape

One of the many benefits of buying from a DOT tape manufacturer such as Heskins is that we offer the flexibility to produce shapes, we can custom logo print, we can change colors etc. DOT tape is most commonly sold in 150’ length rolls that are 2” wide, they are applied down the entire length of the trailer or truck and provide DOT approved reflective safety that is durable and gives long life peace of mind. For tank trailer or tank body manufacturers a straight line does not help them when applying to the back.

Although DOT tape is extremely flexible it is designed to be flexible over curves, it is not constructed to bend around. Heskins has a simple and effective answer. We die cut shapes that fit perfectly in the quarters at the back of the tank trailer, we normally produce them 2”x 24” with a curve that has the angles just great for tanks. Previously tank trailer manufacturers would buy rolls of DOT tape then cut short length strips which they would apply around the continuous perimeter of the tank, they can often be seen on the road and are distinctive as they look messy and imperfect, if a customer is paying tens of thousands of dollars for one of your beautiful and well engineered American built tank trailer then why ruin the aesthetics? DOT tape is the most visible part of your trailer, it is designed to be the most visible part of your trailer, in dark winter nights it will be the only visible part of your trailer, we think it should be an emblem of your quality, it should be perfect, well made and a symbol of your craftsmanship. Use our machined curved sections, they work our far cheaper than the cost of you buying DOT tape and hand cutting it and look far superior.

We produce the 2”x24” curved DOT tape in both micro glass bead or microprismatic metalized grades, you can choose either. The white/silver colors really stand out on any base paint and help to provide a low cost quality finish.

All DOT materials manufactured by Heskins are supplied with full certification to FMVSS 108 and ASTM D4956, we only ever use independent laboratories based in America, we never test inhouse and we are always happy to provide the certificates with all references back to the actual test. Heskins prides itself on quality, our materials can be seen on some of the biggest names in US trailer manufacturing and also some of the high quality lower volume trailer manufacturers. We are an intrinsic part of the American truck and trailer supply chain and over many years have built an enviable reputation for being reliable, competitive and responsive, we help our customers navigate the complicated, and necessary, Federal regulations in place, our advice is free to all. We would love to communicate further and send samples. We can be met at most of the relative trade shows throughout the country, please do visit our stand, meet our great people and walk away with many giveaways.


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