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Heskins® DOTC2 Reflective Tape Range Explained

Reflective Tape

We now have an impressive range of DOTC2 reflective tapes available. Here we try to explain the range in detail in one easy to ready blog post. Read about our DOTC2 reflective tapes range here.

Our main goal is to provide our customers with products of the highest quality. To do this, we also have to be certain they meet the required federal guidelines during production to ensure that our customers can follow suit during usage. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, any truck trailer that weighs beyond 10,000lbs and is greater than 80” in width must place 2” red/white retroreflective DOTC2 tape on at least 50% of the length of the trailer as well as the entire width of it. The intent of the rule is so that when other motorists are driving in under-lit conditions or have reduced visibility, the reflective properties will help to prevent any accidents that could occur.

Heskins® DOT Tape Variants

We have 3 different variations of conspicuity tape that all meet federal requirements and are marked so with the small “DOT-C2” stamps amongst the roll. The Heskins® DOTC2 reflective tapes range includes:

Glass Bead

Our glass bead DOT tape is constructed, as the name states, with tiny glass beads that are embedded within the surface of the material inside the honeycomb pattern to which the light bends to and reflects. Some may see this heskins® dotc2 reflective tape material as an “economy grade” material as it is the cheapest to produce, however, it still possesses an incredible retroreflective performance and meets FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards) regulations. With duty of care and maintenance, our glass bead DOT can have a retroreflective performance anywhere from 5 to 7 years! This material is available in red/white, red, white and yellow… all of which include the DOT-C2 stamps. We off two variations of our red/white reflective tape and that is 6” red/6” white and 7” white/11” red.


Unlike the glass bead material, Heskins® metalized DOT tape is constructed by man-made 3-point prisms rather than beads. This material is produced with a silver appearance and is slightly thinner (0.3mm-0.34mm) and more pliable than our other DOT tapes. How do we get the silver appearance? Well first, the prisms are created and a clear or colored coating of polymer is heskins® dotc2 metalized tape applied. The back of the prisms are then “metalized” which created the mirror light source. We value this product’s high intensity and long distance light reflection. When the light bends and reflects inside of the tape, 80% of the reflected light mirrors directly back to the source! Our metalized DOT tape, when taken care of (cleaning, storage, etc) can have a retroreflective perform between 7-10 years. Metalized DOT tape is available in 2”x150ft rolls with the same two variations as the glass bead, 6”x6” red/white and 7”white/11”red. This material is most successful with dynamic applications such as tankers, trailers, large flat beds, etc., although still a great reflective source on still objects.


Sealed DOT tape is very similar to our metalized DOT tape, however there are a few slight differences that could help in your decision-making. Our sealed DOT conspicuity tape is also built with 3-point prisms, however the main difference is that this material has more of a white appearance rather than a silver like the metalized.heskins® dotc2 sealed tape The word “sealed”, when it comes to DOT tape, is another word for “air backed prismatic”. This just means that it is constructed by taking the man-made prisms and laminating them to another layer of prisms creating an air pocket between the two layers. The white appears because of the lack of the metallizing step which gives metalized DOT its silver appearance. This, along with being slightly more rigid, allows the tape to possess slightly higher reflective values. If our sealed DOT material is taken care of properly, it can also have a retroreflective performance of 7 to 10 years! This material is available in 2”x150ft to meet FMVSS regulations. Heskins® sealed DOT tape comes in two variations: 6”x6” red/white and 7”white/11”red. One other minor difference is that this material is a tad thicker, 0.405mm-0.445mm thick, and a bit less flexible, thus making this material ideal for static applications such as guard rails, signs, parking stops, etc.

Application Temperature

Our DOT C2 tapes should be applied above 60°F (15°C). This is to ensure that you are getting the longest lifespan for your material. If applied under those temperatures, the tape is at risk on not adhering to its fullest potential. For more information on any of the mentioned DOT Conspicuity tapes or to obtain samples, please contact us via phone, live chat or by filling out our contact form and one of our friendly team members would be happy to lead you in the direction that best suits your needs!

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