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Heskins Marine Tape Used for Windsurfing Boom

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Marine anti-slip tape is perfect for use on the open seas. Read this application of marine anti-slip tape on a windsurfing boom.

Heskins offers several products for various applications. We recently had an inquiry for our marine-grade anti-slip tape to be used on a windsurfing boom for extra grip. In the context of windsurfing, a boom is a piece of gear that is attached to the mast to provide extra support for the sail.

A windsurfing boom is typically” width= gripped onto to hold on to and move the rig. It is also used to grab ahold of when performing a “waterstart”, which is a recovery from falling off of the sail and getting back into sailing position. The grip that initially comes on these booms take an excessive amount of beating over time. This often is caused by the constant rubbing of the sail’s fins, sharp rails of slalom boards and even ground contact during rigging. The boom of the sail takes the cake when it comes to contact with the surfer as it is constantly being grabbed and held for extended periods of time.

The hands of a windsurfer unarguably take most of the abuse than any other body part. Painful blisters can begin early in the season and continuously grow over ti” width=me as the surfer spends more time in the water. Because of the continuous grabbing onto the boom, our marine grade anti slip tape was a successful solution to gain extra grip while helping to reduce fatigue and hand pains. The less pain the surfers are in, the longer they can stay in water and continue to do what they love. Many other boom grips require gluing or stitching.

Heskins self-adhesive material allows for an extremely easy application while still possessing the necessary adherence and durability.

Marine-grade anti slip tape is available in multiple colors and sizes. To place an order with us or for more information about how our marine-grade tape can help you, please contact our friendly sales team by phone, email, live chat or our contact form.

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