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Heskins® Non-Abrasive Tapes Used in Swimming Pools

Non Abrasive Anti Slip Tape

Heskins® non-abrasive anti-slip tapes can be used in swimming pools amongst other areas exposed to water. Read how non-abrasive anti-slip tapes can be used.

Heskins® non-abrasive anti-slip tapes are used in many applications throughout our environment to increase safety. With summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to prepare your swimming areas and keep those using it safely. We have received several inquiries about the need to eliminate slip and fall accidents in and around swimming pool areas. It is very important to keep yourself, employees and customers, safe, especially in slippery locations that could lead to potentially serious injuries. That is why Heskins® has manufactured and tested several non-slip materials suited for applications subject to water. Pools, Jacuzzis and other water-filled swimming areas can often get very slippery. This can be caused by algae build-up, water mold, over-use of sunscreen, smoothness of the steps/siding, and so much more! Fortunately, Heskins® took the initiative to create a few products that could help to reduce slip and fall accidents caused by those. There are several areas of a pool where our materials can be applied. The most popular area where slips occur is on the steps of a pool. Our non-slip products are constructed with a strong adhesive, conditioned to adhere to applications that will be subject to water. Please keep in mind thought that these materials cannot be applied underwater. They must be applied to a clean, dry surface. Other areas of application may include pool ledges, handrails leading into the pool or even surfaces surrounding swimming areas.

Tapes Explained

Aqua Safe

Aqua Safe was one of our first waterproof products. It is constructed in a way that is kind to bare skin, as its embossed, rubber-like texture allows for slip prevention even when subject to moisture. One great benefit of Aqua Safe is that its lack of peaks and valley (which abrasive material possess) makes this material extremely easy to clean if necessary. When wet or dry, Aqua Safe meets all standards. It is available in 60ft rolls up to 60ft in length and can be cut anywhere from 1” up to 47” wide. Due to high demand for this tape in specific applications, we decided to produce an off the shelf range of die-cut strips and disks in white and transparent – perfect for an easy application without the hassle of measuring and cutting.

Coarse Resilient

Coarse Resilient anti slip tape is suitable for potentially high-risk locations. Often at times, this material is placed on pool steps, however it can also double as a waterproof handrail grip for getting in and out of the pool. It is manufactured from a textured, embossed plastic creating high levels of Coefficiency of Friction (CoF). This material is comparable to a 60grit abrasive material, however its non-abrasive construction makes it bare skin-friendly. We manufacture Coarse resilient in roll widths up to 52”, and up to 60ft in length. We also offer a less coarse non-abrasive known simply as Resilient. This product has a bit more of a smooth finish, while still holding non-slip properties. We can supply both of these materials in various colors and sizes.

Marine Anti-Slip Tape

Marine anti-slip tape is actually considered a semi-abrasive product. This material is created by using rounded granules known as S2. This allows the material to be kind to bare skin and is very easy to clean! One thing that makes this product stand out among others is that it has been tested and guaranteed 100% resistant to salt. This is good as many pool owners are starting to lean towards saltwater pools. This product range is available in sizes ¾” wide up to 42” wide, and up to 60ft in length.


The process of applying our non-abrasive range of materials is very simple, however each step is very important as it will give your material its longest life when applied correctly. Each of our materials must be applied to a clean and dry surface. This means the water must be drained, making now the perfect time to get your pool ready! After applying, you should allow at least a 12-to-24-hour cure time to achieve maximum bond. Our water-resistant anti slip materials mentioned above have been tested at half-tide for 6 months in water and 6 months out of water. We cannot guarantee the life/warranty of the materials if fully submerged for extended periods of time beyond this. However, we do offer several application accessories to prolong the life of the tape. Our most popular is known as Edge Fix Sealer, which applied along the substrate and the tape. After 10-15 minutes, the solution then will shrink into place effectively pressing the material into place and holding it firm. Make sure to keep yourself, friends, family and customers safe this swimming season by applying one of Heskins® non-abrasive anti-slip solutions.

For more information, or if you are interested in receiving samples, please don’t hesitate to contact us via the contact form, live chat or phone.


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