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Heskins Provides Safety Tapes for the Trailer Industry

Anti-Slip Tape

Heskins supply many safety tapes for the trailer industry. Read the examples of safety tapes we have supplied.

As suppliers of the trailer industry, we at Heskins are constantly striving to increase safety in the market. Heskins is a proud member of NATM (National Association of Trailer Manufactures) and the NATDA (North American Trailer Dealers Association). We produce several materials for trailer manufactures and sellers to increase safety in a variety of ways.

Safety Grip

Recently, we had an inquiry about our non-slip Coarse Safety Grip as a grip aid on a horse trailer. “Can it be applied to the ramps of horse trailers?” The answer is yes! We were able to supply a customer a large sheet of Coarse Safety Grip to apply to the ramp access of the trailer. This allows not only the horses to walk in and out of the trailer safely, but increases the safety of the horse owners who will walk up and down the ramp as well. Along with applying Safety grip to the ramp access, there are several other areas on trailers that our material can be applied to in order to prevent potential accidents and/or damage to the trailer. As you read above, our abrasive materials are used to prevent slip and fall incidents. However, we also offer non-abrasive materials that can be used as gravel guard or even paint protection. This will help to keep your trailer at its best for an extended amount of time.

DOTC2 Conspicuity

As seen on the rear ends and sides of almost all variety of trailers, red/white reflective tape is used as a safety precaution to other surrounding vehicles. Heskins offers DOTC2 Conspicuity tapes that not only meet federal requirements but, more importantly, provide top-notch reflective values. Heskins offers a few different variations of our DOT tapes. Our Microprismatic DOT tapes are available in a metalized version and a sealed version. These tapes, when maintained well, can have retro-reflective properties that can last up to 10 years! We also have a range of glass bead DOT tapes that is a bit more a more cost-effective, however it still meets federal regulations and can hold retro-reflective properties for up to 7 years. As many trailers can rust over time, we understand that applying DOT tape to an irregular surface can be difficult. That is why we have constructed our DOTC2 Aluminum Reflective Plates. These plates make for a quick and suitable replacement when necessary. Our reflective plates can be applied by using rivets, screws or our UHB bonding tape!

UHB Bonding Tape

Trailers quite often take a beating in transit from several variants such as potholes and rocks. Over time, the corruption will shorten the lifespan of your trailer as the vibrations cause rivets and screws to loosen and need replacing. We have produced a heavy duty bonding tape that acts as the perfect alternative or companion to fixing mechanical issues. Vibrations are dulled and due to its nature, our UHB tape also dampens sound. In addition, our UHB tape can even improve the aerodynamics of a trailer as it acts as the perfect seal.

For more information about how our materials can be used for your trailers, please contact us via phone, email, live chat or through our contact form and a member of our team will help you as soon as possible!

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