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Heskins® Reflective Tape Uses

Reflective Tape

Heskins® reflective tape is a versatile, easy to apply marking product. Here we discuss just a small amount of its application possibilities.

Heskins® Reflective tape deserves a lot of praise when it comes to safety. It’s crucial to be alerted of potential danger during all hours of the day, and Heskins® reflective tape does an exceptional job at that. Reflective tape is used in so many places: police cars, fire service and ambulance vehicles, some clothing (such as work vests), pet and children supplies and so many other applications which are done with reflective tape. These, however are just a few examples of places reflective tapes can be found. After reading this article, you will notice it everywhere! Reflective tapes’ intentions are to be vibrant in order to keep people safe during working hours. It’s finish ensures it is useful any time of day because of the many different work shifts that are available in numerous jobs.

In the below, you will find several detailed uses of reflective tapes:

Walkways – Mark crucial walkways and stair ways to help guide people safely, even during times of power outages or lights out situations.

Pet Leashes – Stitching reflective tape into your pets leash or collar can help make them visible when walking your pet in low lit areas or night time

Stairways – Adding reflective tape to staircases will help warn people to be careful of where they are stepping

Low hanging assemblies – using reflective tapes on objects or structures will help reduce/prevent injuries

Clothing – Ensure you are seen day or night by sewing or sticking Heskins® reflective tape to your clothing. Your children’s schoolbags will be an excellent place for application.

Vehicles – Not only can you apply reflective tape to the front or rear or your vehicle, but you can also include it with a top quality design to apply to your car or truck. This will decrease the amount of accidents while still being appealing to the eye

Strollers – This helps alert other of your whereabouts if you are out walking with a stroller to increase safety on the streets and help keep you and your child safe

Warehouse Machinery – Highlighting mobile or stationary warehouse machinery is an inexpensive way to prevent injury. This will help them stand out from their surroundings and be easier to see.

Posts and Walls – Reflective tapes on posts and barriers are used to prevent access to certain areas, but this doesn’t mean highlighting them isn’t important. If they can’t be seen, they are more likely to cause accidents.

By applying reflective tape to them, you can help prevent potential accidents and damage. Heskins® reflective tapes are available in many colors and sizes. Hazard chevron reflective tape is also available to highlight dangers further. For more information either visit the website, or contact us by phone, live chat or by filling out the contact us form.

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