Heskins Sends Relief to Hurricane Victims

Many families are still struggling to regain their possessions back after the several vicious hurricanes that passed through much of Florida into Puerto Rico’s outer lying islands in September of this year. These brutal storms of the South have washed away sources of food, clothing and homes. Tens of thousands of people were badly affected by the storms and are still fighting to build their lives again, including the family of one of our own employees. In efforts to help, Heskins recently shipped out a pallet of items to Florida which was then sent to his family on the Island where they were impacted. Some items that were shipped included, but not limited to, non-peris­hable foods and clothing. Heskins was happy to help, as tragedies such as this one can start to regain structure from any bit of assistance! The impacts of these hurricanes have left several thousands of people homeless and foodless, with only the clothes on their backs. The infra­struc­ture of most homes were left beyond repair and the island's lush vegetation had been nearly destroyed. Every bit of help sent their way can go a long way! We at Heskins find importance in showing empathy in the workplace. That is we value our family of employees above all else! It’s never too late to help those in need. Several charities are still accepting donations for those affected by the multiple hurricanes. To send your donation, click here.

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