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How to Clean Aqua Safe Anti Slip Tape

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We’ve recently been inundated with questions regarding how to clean our non-abrasive anti-slip tape. We explain cleaning our aqua safe antislip tape here.

We have many non-abrasive anti slip products at Heskins®, and a recent question we have received is “how do you clean it without harming the product? “ Let us take H3405 Aqua-safe anti slip tape as an example. This product has many admirable qualities, but this tape in particular is easy to clean… The beauty is in the construction, as the reason that makes it so easy to clean, is the reason that makes it not only a non-abrasive anti slip material, but also a material that is kind to bare skin. When the material is produced, the embossing and micro blowing of the plastic film creates a textured, anti slip surface without peaks and valleys, therefore no bacteria can harbor anywhere, and the whole surface is exposed for easy cleaning. Once applied securely, if aqua safe anti slip tape was to ever become dirty, then by simply using warm soapy water and nothing more than a sponge or a stiff nylon brush if it is a larger area, the dirt will clean off very easily. Try to stay away from harsh cleaning chemicals such as ammonia and bleaches, as these can damage the surface and potentially render the product ineffective. Alcohol-based cleaners such as our surface cleaner are also suitable. For more information on our aqua safe anti-slip tape, and the rest of our non-abrasive range, you can visit the site here.

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