Lean Coarse Resilient Anti Slip Tape Arrives!

lean coarse resilient anti slip tape10 years ago, we would never have dreamed that slip prevention would be this advanced, but fortunately, due to recent advancements in plastic technology and embossing techniques, we can now produce more anti slip tape variants than ever, and lean coarse resilient, a variation on our industry standard, and very popular coarse resilient is now here! We've gone through a few variations of our coarse resilient anti slip tape, every time we've changed something to improve one of it's features, and we feel we can do now do no more. This time, we found ways to make it thinner, and thought that instead of replacing a product that is very popular for industrial use, we thought we would release lean coarse resilient anti slip tape as a variant for other sectors and appli­cations, as the thinner finish has also been lauded by many as a preferable choice. A thinner product is the only difference, as it still has all the same benefits that come with using coarse resilient anti slip tape. Suitable for wet and dry areas, easy to clean and carries an exceptional grip quality that exceeds CoF requirements from OSHA and ADA regulations. To order or enquire further about our lean coarse resilient anti slip tape, you can visit the website, or contact our friendly sales team by phone, email, live chat or the contact us form on the site.

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