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Marine Anti-Slip Tape in Prison


Marine anti-slip tape has been produced for the marine sector. This does not mean it cannot be used elsewhere. Read how marine anti-slip tape is used in prison.

Heskins marine anti-slip tape has been designed specifically for marine use, as it’s salt-resistant, easy to clean, has no abrasion and provides safe traction.

However, this does not mean it is limited to marine applications. Our latest blog post will explain its features easily lend themselves to applications in different environments.

Preventing slip and fall accidents is our business, and in this case, it is an interesting one. Heskins marine anti-slip tape has been utilized in prison. It has been applied to prevent slip and fall accidents in a unique scenario.

A confrontation occurred in prison, and as officers diffused the situation, pepper spray was used. The pepper spray got onto the floor, and the offending in-mate slipped and fell, which resulted in an accident and injury. Now the prison system is being sued by the in-mate for damages.

Anti-slip tape use 101 is to apply it effectively within the workplace to 1; reduce the risk of accidents and injuries and 2; to prevent financial loss from accidents and injuries.

After discussing with our sales team, marine anti-slip tape was the material of choice. The main reason for this, aside from its grip qualities, was its lack of abrasion, which means should an instance occur where bare skin would make contact, it would not cause any damage as standard abrasive anti-slip tape would. Marine anti-slip tape is also straightforward to clean with a mop, which is not possible with our standard Safety-Grip.

Heskins marine anti-slip tape is available in various widths and four colors for immediate dispatch. For more details, please visit the product page.


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