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Marine Grade Anti Slip Applications

Anti-Slip Tape

Marine-grade anti slip tape is designed to cope with the harsh open seas, but it does have other uses.

Built to endure the sometimes harsh nature of the open seas, H3460 Marine grip tape has officially proved its worth. Heskins has manufactured a product that will stand strong through both rough and calm waters while still possessing its non-slip properties at full potential. It has been known that this material is salt water resistant and durable for application in seafaring boats, yachts, vessels, etc. What is not so obvious is that this material can be used in several other applications. Because of its mop friendly, easily cleanable surface, this grip tape is suitable for places such as restrooms, pool house, wet rooms, or kitchens (especially if those places must meet any hygiene regulations).

This marine grade anti-slip tape is constructed from teeny granules, similar to glass beads, known as S2. This is intended to make the material kinder to bare skin than Heskins Safety Grip while still keeping its anti-slip properties. Not only is this good for the typical water vehicle usage, but this can be perfect when applying the material in a place such as a pool house where bare feet will meet the tape. And although this construction creates a strong grip without compromising the comfort and effortlessness of cleaning! We believe that this material will forever increase in demand as it has several different uses and we are continually discovering more. Just like all Heskins anti slip tape applications, this marine grade anti slip material does still need to be applied to a clean dry surface.

We also stock application accessories such as primer and edge fix sealer for maximum longevity. Marine Grade anti-slip tape is now available in the following colors: Black, Grey and Blue. Please contact us if you require a custom cut solution, as we can create this material in any color, shape or size-dependent on order volumes. To order or enquire about Heskins marine anti slip tape, please contact us by phone, email, live chat or the contact form on the website.

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