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MIL-SPECS for Non-Skid Tape: Heskins Relevant Standards Guide


MIL-SPECS for non skid tape is a term banded about but not many really know what standards relate to it and especially which non skid tape standards are still relevant.  Heskins meets all requirements of the MIL-SPECS mentioned below, we can provide further information as required.  Let’s clarify details and even attach original specifications so you can even see for yourself what is required. 

I am sure that most people know what a MIL-SPEC is but the United States Military Standard goes back to World War 2 and is now omnipresent for any supplies into the US defense sector.  Heskins is extremely proud to supply materials to all wings of our armed forces, we take this responsibility very seriously. 

For non skid tape MIL-SPECS the most commonly referred to standard is MIL-17951, when we get asked about MIL-SPECS we then receive an email and the standard referred to is, still, most commonly MIL-17951, this still surprises us.  The reason why are so surprised is not due to it not being relevant, it concerns non skid tape for military equipment use, but that it was superseded over 15 years ago.  MIL-17951 still has interesting information and quite a lot can be garnered from it concerning use, storage and especially edge sealing, the section on that is really useful and relevant.  MIL-17951 can easily be seen as an old standard as so much of the testing is now out of date.  On 17951 it does not refer to more modern standards that are now trusted better than the 1970’s tests, the tests now are fully better controlled and are more relevant, the adhesive performance tests look very basic and the coefficient of friction test states use of equipment that I do not believe now exists anywhere in the world.

As mentioned, MIL-17951 was superseded over 15 years ago with the new standard MIL-PRF-24667, its latest iteration is MIL-PRF-24667C.  MIL-PRF-24667 is a solid and well grounded standard for technical information, it lists good sources of testing criteria.  MIL-PRF-24667 though only has one section dedicated to non skid tape, type XI.

The oldest MIL-SPEC we still asked about has got to be MIL-5044, this standard goes back to the early 1960’s, it was superseded over 25 years ago but like MIL-17951, this still appears on specifications and drawings.  The relevant section for non skid tape in MIL-5044 is type IV, this section relates to Conformable non skid tape.  MIL-5044 was superseded by A-A59124, this modern standard was introduced in the late 90s, the section concerned with non skid tape is type II for this standard.

The most common military application for Heskins non skid tape is for use on naval vessels, the Heskins team can be found at military boat type exhibitions providing expert help and ensuring that boat builders can navigate MIL-SPECS.

Military aviation is a great are for Heskins, no only do have MIL-SPECS but we have FAA approval for use both in the cockpit and in the passenger/cargo areas.

I realise that the MIL-SPECS for non skid tape are complicated but Heskins can help you conform to your application, please contact our team who are always willing to help.


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