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Mop Friendly Anti Slip Tape – For Easy Cleaning

Anti-Slip Tape

Heskins range of mop friendly anti-slip tape has been further increased with marine anti-slip tape. Read our post on mop friendly anti-slip tape.

Back in May, we unveiled marine grip tape, Heskins first anti-slip tape made specifically for the marine industry. Its construction is intended for use from pleasure cruises, to full commercial vessels. Marine anti slip tapes construction allows it to perform effectively in both wet and dry conditions, and its durability is guaranteed due to its 100% salt resistance. It’s also a mop friendly anti-slip tape. More information can be found on our marine grip tape page.

Mop Friendly Anti Slip Tape

Marine anti slip tapes finish also makes it very easy to clean. This is an evolution for Heskins, as it is the first of our abrasive materials that can be classed as a mop friendly anti-slip tape. This adds to our range of non-abrasives to allow you more choice when requiring a mope friendly anti-slip tape. As well as marine anti slip tape, our other mop friendly anti-slip tapes are:

Aqua Safe


Coarse Resilient

Lean coarse resilient

Ribbed Rubber Anti Slip Tape

The surface is coated in S2, small glass beads which provides effective slip protection. Our general Safety Grip™ is coated in aluminum oxide, which is a crushed granule that has many sharp edges, preventing it from being easy to clean. With marine anti slip tape, it can be easily cleaned without damaging cleaning equipment, or any fibres being left on the material itself. As well as marine grip tapes specified use, as it’s easy to clean it can be applied in various other environments. Restaurants and their kitchens, chemical laboratories, cleanrooms, hospitals, catering factories and many more. Marine anti slip tape allows safety standards to be raised by adding effective slip protection, whilst still being able to maintain the same levels of cleanliness. For more information, or to make an order for mop friendly anti slip tape, you can contact us by email or phone, and speak to our sales team. We look forward to hearing from you.

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