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National Falls Prevention Awareness Month 2022

Anti-Slip Tape

As a company we rarely get excited about the special notices for months but September did pique our interest; National Falls Month. As a non-slip company we are not arrogant enough to pretend that every slip could be prevented with our (vast) range, we only sell what we manufacture.

We realize that most slips can indeed be prevented ensuring there are no contaminants, better layout planning, better footwear choices and, especially for older people if they have better balance. That being said our company has a duty to get materials to the market that can cope with contaminants (such as water, dirt etc), can help with locations with a layout that cannot be changed, will grip any footwear and gives older people more stability.

We aspire to constantly revise our range, to take advantage of new technologies, invest more into R&D and most importantly listen to the most informed person: you, the customer and consumer. We always appreciate feedback and we always want critical views as to how we can improve our range, improve our offering. If you have a problem that is difficult to solve then we would love to hear from you, we always want to improve.


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