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New Abrasive Anti Slip Products Added to Website

Anti-Slip Tape

We have recently updated our range of abrasive anti-slip products on the website. This will help you make a more informed choice for your anti-slip solution.

We have recently expanded our information regarding our abrasive anti-slip products on our website. This is something we have been needing to do for a while, and we are happy that you now have more information at your disposal to make a better-informed decision. We have added the following pages for products to our site:

Standard Safety Grip

We already had information regarding our standard Safety Grip tape, but we felt we needed to expand on this further to help highlight the options we had.

Coarse Safety Grip

As with standard, we wanted to increase the Coarse Safety Grip tape to help you find out whether it was the best choice for specific applications.

HG X-Coarse Safety Grip

Again, HG X-Coarse Safety Grip anti slip tape had already been mentioned on the website, but with it being our most abrasive safety material, designed for the most demanding industrial conditions, we wanted to ensure we embellished on this further.

Removable Anti Slip Tape

Removable anti-slip tape is one we needed to mention, due to its unique use. As most of our anti-slip tapes are designed to be a permanent non-slip solution, we wanted to make sure a temporary solution was available for you to discover.

Chemical Resistant Anti Slip Tape

Chemical Resistant Safety Grip Anti Slip TapeThe Heskins range of anti-slip tapes will provide chemical resistance against most general chemicals found in the workplace, but for rarer, harsher chemicals, another solution needed to be available. Chemical resistant anti-slip tape is the choice, and we had it put on the website to allow you to find out about it. Please click the titles of each safety product to read more. We will be expanding the website further to promote all of our available products, allowing you more choice in your search for an anti-slip or floor marking solution for your workplace. For more information on our abrasive anti-slip products, or if you would like to request samples or order, you can contact the sales team by phone, email, live chat or the contact us form on the website.

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