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New Anti Slip Tape Laser Cutting Services

Anti-Slip Tape

In our commitment to staying ahead and continually enhancing our offerings, we are thrilled to announce a significant addition to our repertoire of services – laser cutting. At Heskins LLC, we are constantly evolving as a company, dedicated to remaining at the forefront of the anti-slip tape industry. This commitment to progress has led us to invest in cutting-edge machinery, which now enables us to deliver laser-cut anti-slip tape.

Our new laser cutting machinery has opened up exciting possibilities in terms of precision and versatility. This development is particularly significant for applications that demand complex shapes, as our laser cutting capabilities allow us to achieve an unparalleled level of precision and cleanliness in each cut. This means that you can now have anti-slip tape with intricate designs and shapes, tailored to your specific needs.

One of the most common materials we use with our laser cutter is our abrasive products. These abrasive tapes are known for their reliability and durability. When subjected to laser cutting, they exhibit even greater precision and a cleaner finish than their non-abrasive counterparts. This advancement in technology has been a game-changer for us, and by extension, for our valued customers.

One of the key advantages of laser-cut anti-slip tape is the exceptional edge quality it achieves, surpassing any manually cut alternatives. This translates to superior aesthetics and performance. Moreover, our laser cutter significantly reduces production time, ensuring that your order is processed more efficiently and reaches your doorstep even sooner. Not only does it speed up production, but it also eliminates the need for the purchase of a steel rule die tool, thereby reducing minimum order quantities and setup costs.

Our laser cutter has a generous working bed size of approximately 20″ x 28″. For a perfect clean cut, we can accommodate abrasive materials as large as 19″ x 27″. All we require from you is a digital image of your logo or design, preferably in PDF, CAD, or EPS formats, designed to scale. This simplifies the customization process and ensures your specific requirements are met with precision.

When it comes to our product range, we offer a wide variety of abrasive Safety Grip tapes, available in over 15 different colors. Laser cutting is particularly ideal for prototyping, allowing you to test and fine-tune your material before committing to larger orders. In fact, our laser cutter can produce prototypes within minutes, making the development process more efficient and cost-effective.

If you’re interested in exploring the possibilities of laser cutting for your project, our team is here to assist you. Feel free to contact us via our office number or email us through the contact form on our website. Additionally, you can explore our services page to learn more about the diverse range of offerings that Heskins provides.

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We are excited to bring you this innovative addition to our services and look forward to collaborating with you on your upcoming projects. With Heskins LLC, you can always expect the highest quality and the latest in anti-slip tape technology. Thank you for choosing us as your trusted partner in anti-slip solutions.


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