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New COVID-19 and Social Distancing Floor Signs Added

Floor Markers

We have new additions to our floor signs range, for social distancing and general use. Read about our new floor signs to combat social distancing & COVID-19 here.

With social distancing measures set to be in place now and in the future, and COVID-19 expected to be around for even longer than that, we have been busy creating more designs to add to our floor sign range. This will ensure your workplace has effective, durable social distancing floor signs in place to ensure your employees and facility guests are well informed of workplace processes and rules.

Alongside our vast options, we have now added our FM14 that states “Maintain 6 feet away from others at all time” as a constant reminder that social distancing is in effect. They are yellow and black, making them stand out in any situation.

Our new FM16 sign is to remind people who are essential workers that they need to stop in for a temperature check before working. These signs are a great way to form a line that uses social distancing to remind employees of the standards your facility upholds during these uncertain times. They are very bright in color and are easy to apply, just like the rest of our floor markers.

The FM17 floor sign is bright red and white to notify staff and visitors that wearing a mask on site is mandatory. This is a great way to show what your rules/precautions are at the workplace on a day-to-day basis as well as during a pandemic.

All the above signs, and our entire range of Floor Markers can be applied to walls as well. This is a great tool to use to keep social distancing, temperature checks and PPE in effect without losing color or scuffing our signs. All they need is a clean dry surface to apply to and they will do the rest of the work!

Our other addition is the EWM18 eyewash station sign. This one was in development before the COVID-19 outbreak. It has also been added, as it has now been produced ready for dispatch. The green and white finish and stark imagery makes it easily recognizable for someone who is leading a co-worker to it.

You can view all the designs on the designs tab of the floor signs product page.

For more information, or to place an order, you can do so by contacting the Heskins sales team via phone or live chat. Alternatively, complete the contact us form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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