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New DOT C2 Aluminum Plates Now Available

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If self-adhesive application or change is required often, Heskins new DOT C2 aluminum plates are a perfect choice. Read about DOT C2 aluminum plates here.

Heskins now offers self-mountable DOT C2 aluminum backed strips! This product is ideal for quick replacements on trucks and trailers. In addition to vehicle applications, these strips can be applied, but are not limited to, posts and fence line applications to warn drivers at far distances with its reflective properties.

” width= Our DOT C2 aluminum reflective plates are produced from glass bead DOT C2 tape at 2”x48” strips and are 1.5mm thick. These plates are ideally made for those certain applications that ordinary tapes may not stick very well to. They are perfect for riveting, especially with our UHB Bonding Tape.

Our bonding tape is a double sided adhesive tape that is used to mend, mount or “bond” different materials together with a speedy application process. This means, that our plates can be applied to many surfaces, including those that may be corroded or tampered. This ultimately helps create less work for manufacturers of the trailer industry.

” width=The DOTC2 Conspicuity tape comes pre-applied to the aluminum strip. These are commonly used for a quick fix or repair on older units to keep a unit in service. Should the  surface where the tape is typically applied become damaged/worn, not allowing for application of new tape until the area is cut out and patched, then these strips can be quickly riveted or adhered with UHB to the area. This then allows the unit to conform to FMVSS requirements and stay in “legal” service.

For more information on our DOTC2 Aluminum Plates, or to place an order, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at the office, shoot us an email, live chat us or contact us via our contact form on our site.

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