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New PermaLean Now Available!

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Our new floor signs are specifically designed for social distancing. Read more about our new, easy to apply and durable social distancing sign in this blog post.

In a world where safety and organization are paramount, having the right floor marking tape can make all the difference. Heskins® understands this well and is excited to introduce PermaLean, a new lean marking tape designed to provide the ideal solution for your specific requirements. In this blog post, we’ll explore what sets PermaLean apart and how it can benefit your facility.

What Is PermaLean?

PermaLean is a lean, industrial-grade marking tape that offers a cost-effective solution for environments that demand a tough marking system without the need for the extra thickness of tapes like PermaRoute (0.03″) or PermaStripe (0.05″). At 0.022″ in thickness, PermaLean strikes the perfect balance between durability and cost-efficiency.

The Key Differences

  1. Thickness

The primary differentiator for PermaLean is its lean profile. Compared to PermaRoute and PermaStripe, it features a thinner base material. This difference in thickness makes it a practical choice for specific applications where the robustness of PermaRoute or the boldness of PermaStripe isn’t necessary.

  1. Versatile Options

PermaLean is available in various colors and rolls with multiple widths to choose from. Whether you need a standard color for a specific marking purpose or prefer a distinctive hue to stand out in your facility, PermaLean offers versatility to meet your preferences.

  1. Stock Die-Cut Designs and Customization

Heskins® provides a range of stock die-cut designs for PermaLean, making it easier for you to select the right markings for your facility. Additionally, custom options are available, depending on minimum order quantities. This flexibility makes sure that you can achieve the precise floor markings needed for your unique environment.

Where Can PermaLean Be Used?

PermaLean’s lean profile and cost-effective nature make it suitable for a wide range of applications. Here are some scenarios where PermaLean can excel:

  1. Warehouses

In busy warehouses where floor markings are crucial for organization and safety, PermaLean can provide the necessary durability and visibility without the added expense of thicker tapes.

  1. Manufacturing Facilities

Lean manufacturing environments can benefit from PermaLean’s cost-effective solution for floor markings, ensuring smooth operations and compliance.

  1. Commercial Spaces

From retail stores to office buildings, PermaLean offers an efficient way to create clear floor markings, helping maintain order and safety.

  1. Public Spaces

In public areas like airports, train stations, or hospitals, PermaLean’s versatility allows for effective floor markings that guide and inform visitors.

Learn More About PermaLean

To discover more about PermaLean and explore the available options, please visit the PermaLean product page. Heskins team is always ready to assist you with any inquiries, customization options, or ordering information.

At Heskins®, we understand that each facility has unique requirements. With PermaLean, we offer you a lean marking tape that combines durability, affordability, and versatility to meet your specific needs. Subscribe to the Heskins newsletter to stay updated on future blog posts, safety tips, and product innovations.

With PermaLean, you’re not just getting a lean marking tape; you’re getting a tailored solution that enhances safety and organization while being mindful of your budget. Contact Heskins® today to explore how PermaLean can benefit your facility.


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