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New PermaStripe Smooth Color Range

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PermaStripe Smooth offers excellent durability while being very easy to clean. We have added to the PermaStripe Smooth color range. Read more here.

Heskins manufactures one of the leading floor marking solutions, known as PermaStripe. Recently, we’ve constructed PermaStripe Smooth. Similar to our flagship material, PermaStripe smooth is a thick, beveled-edged material. Its’ edges are constructed this way to prevent falls due to tripping because of its thickness as well as decrease the risk of edge lift. This material carries all of the benefits of PermaStripe however, it is produced with a smooth surface for easier cleaning. PermaStripe Smooth is aesthetically pleasing and helps facilities with strict hygiene regulations to uphold them whilst increasing safety and efficiency. We began with the most common colors that grasp attention, but we’ve decided to enhance it by launching the production of more colors! Our smooth heavy-duty floor marking tape is now produced in the full-colour range, with exception of photoluminescent and fluorescent yellow. These colors are made vibrant to enhance awareness. We decided to expand our PermaStripe Smooth color range in guidance with the OSHA color standards.

These standards help make it easy for you to mark out your area that requires floor demarcation. The glossy upper surface helps bring visual appeal and not only is it pleasing to the eye, it prevents a buildup of dirt and bacteria which makes our material perfect for places with strict hygiene regulations such as restaurant kitchens or bathrooms. It has the same remarkably tough and easy to apply qualities as the conventional range but has the benefit of being so easy to clean. To see the PermaStripe Smooth color range and size options, head over to To order or enquire further about our PermaStripe Smooth color range, you can contact our sociable sales team by phone, email, live chat or the contact us form on this site.

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