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NFPA 1901 Certified Anti Slip Tapes


We always do our utmost to give customers confidence in choosing our products for their applications. In this blog post, we discuss the recent NFPA 1901 certification for slip resistance.

As an anti-slip tape manufacturer, we always want to uphold every relevant industry standard. We spend immense amounts every year ensuring that we produce our materials to meet all industry requirements and standards. We ensure that our valued customers have all the certifications they need. Our latest approval is to NFPA 1901. Our NFPA 1901 certification guarantees that our anti-slip tape can be used on fire trucks, meeting their demanding slip resistance requirements and providing you with reassurance of a certified product. NFPA 1901 is a demanding standard that covers anti-slip tape use on fire trucks, along with other specifications on those vehicles.

Testing takes a considerable amount of effort and time; this test has been three months in the making. If you have a specific demand that meets your industry requirements, please speak with our technical team so we can assist in creating a safe work environment. We have a huge library of test certificates that span dozens of sectors, including all continents, data sheets and other information in your native language and different requirements by agencies in their respective countries. At present most of our testing appears to be related to fire or smoke needs. Fire and smoke are unfortunately not one set standard, we would prefer that, that would be easier for us. Fire and smoke have many different angles, typically the different testing demands relate to the heat source type, temperature level, dwell time, fixing substrate specification and then the final output demand.

As with all HeskinsĀ® products we provide the original certificates as requested.

To see if NFPA 1901 is relevant to your equipment please visit For information related to HeskinsĀ® products, you can contact our sales team via phone or live chat. Alternatively, complete the contact us form and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.


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