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Non-Abrasive Anti-Slip Tape used on Door Kick Plates

Anti-Slip Tape

Door kick plates, are good in the workplace but are still problematic. Increase safety & efficiency for your staff with Heskins non-abrasive anti-slip tape.

Heskins non-abrasive range of anti-slip tapes are extremely versatile. Though primarily used as safety flooring in areas that are exposed to moisture, need to be kind to bare skin and clothing, or both. Non-abrasive anti-slip also lends its application to other areas other than just floors. The material can be used as a grip aid and protective surface for other areas. The latest discovery is by applying it to door kick plates.

Door Kick Plates

In most commercial venues, you will see that doors have metal plates fixed to the lower part of them, on the side from which it is pushed. These door protection kick plates are applied to prevent the doors themselves from accumulating a lot of scuffs and damage. This is because many commercial building doors tend to be opened by feet, or even hand trucks. Even with door protection kick plates applied, over time these will also require replacement due to the abuse they are subjected to. These door kick plates tend to be a low energy surface also, so will not grip too well. This makes opening doors difficult, potentially causing an accident or injury.

Heskins Non-Abrasive on Door Kick Plates

Heskins can assist with this problem, by providing a solution in the shape of non-abrasive anti-slip tape die cuts. Whether it is aqua safe, resilient, coarse resilient, cushion grip or any of Heskins non-abrasive. By cleaning the door kick plate, and then applying Heskins non-abrasive on top, not only are you protecting the surface underneath, but you are increasing grip for someone unable to use their hands to open the door, making it much easier and safer. Heskins offer many die-cut sizes of non-abrasive anti-slip tape to choose from. Dependent on order quantity, Heskins can even produce custom sizes at your request. For more information on Heskins non-abrasive anti-slip tape, for use as door protection kick plates, or any other application, you can visit the website, or contact the sales team by phone, email, live chat or the contact us form.

Benefits Of Non-Abrasive

For this intended purpose, the non-abrasive tape is the way to go. Non-abrasive tape is kind to bare skin and also materials meaning when your opening the door with your shoes or feet, the tape will not damage the material of your shoes or boots, prolonging the life of your footwear and stopping them from getting tarnished, and if you chose to do it barefoot that is safe to do so! Once the non-abrasive tape has been used, it will get dirty, as all things do. With it being non-abrasive, it makes cleaning it extremely easy as the materials of the cloth will not catch on to the tape and allow you to clean it efficiently unlike abrasive tape as that would take fabrics away and potentially make it more difficult to clean.

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