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Non-Slip Flooring Covers for Electric Vehicles


With electric vehicles surging in popularity, particularly for commercial use, we want to discuss how you can add slip prevention with non slip flooring.

Electric vehicles, battery and hybrid, are, of course, becoming more and more popular as time goes on, with a reported 2.32 million sold in the US up to 2021 alone.

Electric vehicles are now used by individuals and businesses alike; some of the latter have replaced their whole fleets with electric utility vehicles. They represent a significant reduction in transport costs for businesses, especially those whose journeys can be up to 100 miles per day. Their initial costs, which compared to petrol or diesel equivalents, can be more significant. That is switched around when it comes to day-to-day running costs, however.

At Heskins, we are getting more and more involved in providing anti-slip for electric vehicles. While the technology running them is new and advancing, in terms of general use and look, they are virtually the same as gas and diesel-powered vehicles, which means some of their needs are identical. Slip-prevention, in some cases, is one of them. We produce many non-slip treads for vehicle manufacturers or businesses with large fleets of vehicles.

What makes us so popular for manufacturers and large-volume users of electric vehicles is our ability to fulfil any anti-slip requirement they have. When it comes to color, size, shape, we can do it all. Our custom services allow for this.

We have a wide range of anti-slip tapes available to suit requirements. A non-abrasive or standard abrasive anti-slip tape will most likely be suitable for general use electric vehicles.

A coarse or extra coarse abrasive anti-slip tape could be required for construction or industrial electric vehicles.

For custom services, we can provide you with complete, custom cut anti-slip tape kit packs for your electric vehicles, which arrive ready for you to apply straight away. Our die-cut machines reproduce any shape you want to accurate tolerances.

Whether you want partial coverage to reduce weight or full coverage, we can do it. Buying direct in large volumes allows us to pass the savings on to you also, making Heskins a very competitive choice.

Our range of Heskins anti-slip tapes and our recommended usage in/on electric vehicles is as follows.

anti slip tape on van step

Drivers Cab/Access Steps


Our flagship abrasive material, providing grip enhancement and slip protection since ’97. An excellent choice for steps in electric utility vehicles. No matter the weather, or the speed of movement in and out of your vehicle, you can be guaranteed a sure-footing every time. Can be walked on immediately after application. Certified high traction by the NFSI (National Floor Safety Institute).

X-Coarse Safety-Grip

With electric vehicle use in construction, an anti-slip tape with a heavy-duty abrasive surface. It’s 30-grit aluminum oxide coating creates deep valleys which prevents clogging from soil, mud, snow and ice. Our X-coarse Safety-Grip if required, is an excellent choice for heavy-duty application. The durability of X-Coarse is enhanced by the double resin coated surface which reduces the likelihood of grit-shedding. The strong adhesive applied to it not only makes it suitable for application on to low energy surfaces, but it can be used immediately after application too.

anti slip tape on electric van walkway


Coarse Resilient

An embossed, non-abrasive anti-slip tape with a more raised surface for improved CoF (Coefficient of Friction), which is certified high traction by the NFSI while being skin and consignment friendly. Coarse resilient is a suitable non-abrasive anti-slip tape to use for application on electric utility vehicle walkways. Coarse resilient can be walked on immediately after installation.

Lean Coarse Resilient

Featuring the same CoF benefits as standard coarse resilient, lean coarse resilient is a thinner material. Not only does that make it more flexible, but more lightweight, which is an essential factor with many electric utility vehicles.

van parcel shelves

Wheel Well/Package Shelves


Another non-abrasive, anti-slip material suitable for application on wheel wells or package shelves. Aqua-Safe has lower but still effective CoF levels, providing grip but having lower levels of resistance to allow parcels/consignments to be maneuvred. As a non-abrasive, it is also kind to bare skin, so it won’t cause harm to the user if they come into contact.


A very flexible anti-slip tape, suitable for applying on surfaces with angular edges, enhancing grip and reducing the likelihood of the material lifting away from the surface. Flexi-Grip features similar grip properties to Aqua-Safe. Both products are also commonly used as gravel guard or corrosion barrier tape, protecting from galvanic corrosion or damage to external paintwork.

We will have the solution for you depending on your anti-slip requirement for your electric utility vehicles. All of our materials can be die-cut to any shape you require. We are also happy to discuss any additional custom modifications you require.

We also offer a range of reflective marking tapes, including custom printed DOT tape, that can be utilized on your vehicle.

For more product information, please visit the specific product pages. To speak to our sales team, get in touch via live chat or phone. Alternatively, complete the contact us form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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