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Non-Slip Hazard Flooring Die Cuts Appear in Art Studio

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An artist approached us to employ the use of Heskins® non-slip hazard flooring die cuts in his art studio.

Artist, Christopher Paul Dean, first came to us inquiring about our standard hazard anti-slip tape. After speaking with him, we discovered the intended use of the non-slip hazard flooring die cuts.

‘Caution (26 Iteration.1)’ is one of his pieces of work that was displayed in his recent solo exhibition. With the help of Keri Weiland Photography, Dean was able to send us some images of his completed work.

Deans Work with Non-Slip Hazard Flooring Die Cuts

Christopher Paul Dean’s practice is focused on investigating relationships between humans and objects, utilizing a wide range of materials to construct his work. This led him to us.

“Upon seeing the product ‘Non-Slip Hazard Flooring Die Cuts’ on the Heskins® LLC website I knew that, with the characteristic of being both a warning and a safety device, there would be sufficient former body-to-object interactions that I could disturb,” says Dean. The black and yellow floor cuts were applied onto 110 wooden cubes. The use of our hazard die cuts allowed for a reduction in labor for Dean.

We can see in the images that by Dean artistically placing the cubes and chevron patterns in specific ways, “‘Caution (26)’ has the ability to shift in structure so that it responds to its spaces and continuously generates alternating compositions.”

After speaking with Dean when the project was complete, we were pleased to hear that our material worked successfully with what he planned for his creation.

Heskins® non-slip hazard flooring die cuts were said to be a great material that cuts clean and adheres well to the wood surface in which the art was created with. As a company that sells typically to industrial markets, we found this use of our product so incredibly unique and very impressive.

You can learn more about Christopher’s work over at his website

All images were taken by Keri Weiland over at

Heskins® non-slip hazard flooring die cuts are available in black/yellow and red/white. Custom options are available dependent on order quantity. To enquire further, or to place an order, please contact Heskins® by phone, email, Live Chat.

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