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Non-Slip Hazard Flooring Die Cuts Appear in Art Studio

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An artist approached us to employ the use of Heskins® non-slip hazard flooring die cuts in his art studio.

Art and safety may not seem like an obvious pairing, but sometimes, unconventional applications lead to exceptional results. We recently had the pleasure of collaborating with artist Christopher Paul Dean, who approached us with a unique project that showcased the creative potential of our products. In this blog post, we’ll explore how Heskins® non-slip hazard flooring die cuts became a key element in one of Christopher’s thought-provoking art pieces.

The Artist’s Vision

Christopher Paul Dean is an artist known for his exploration of the intricate relationship between humans and objects. His work spans various materials and mediums, and it was this creative curiosity that led him to discover our non-slip hazard flooring die cuts. Initially inquiring about our standard hazard anti-slip tape, Christopher soon realized the artistic potential of our die-cut shapes.

“Caution (26 Iteration.1)”: Art Meets Safety

One of Christopher’s recent solo exhibitions featured a captivating piece titled “Caution (26 Iteration.1).” To create this artwork, he collaborated with Keri Weiland Photography and employed our non-slip hazard flooring die cuts. The result was a visually striking and conceptually intriguing installation.

“Caution (26 Iteration.1)” featured 110 wooden cubes, each adorned with black and yellow hazard die-cut shapes. These die cuts are typically used for safety purposes, providing warnings and preventing slips and falls. However, in the hands of an artist like Christopher, they took on a new life.

Disturbing Body-to-Object Interactions

Christopher Paul Dean’s artistic approach involves challenging the conventional ways we interact with objects. He saw the potential in our hazard die cuts as both safety devices and symbols of caution. As he explains, “there would be sufficient former body-to-object interactions that I could disturb.”

By strategically placing the wooden cubes and chevron patterns, “Caution (26 Iteration.1)” had the ability to shift in structure, responding dynamically to its surroundings and generating ever-changing compositions. Our hazard die cuts became a dynamic element in his exploration of human-object relationships.

Successful Collaboration

Upon completion of the project, we had the opportunity to speak with Christopher about his experience working with our materials. We were delighted to hear that our non-slip hazard flooring die cuts had seamlessly integrated into his artistic vision. He praised our product for its clean cuts and strong adhesion to the wooden surface, simplifying the creative process.

As a company primarily serving industrial markets, we found this artistic application of our product both unique and impressive. It underscored the versatility of our materials and the potential for creative expression beyond their intended use.

Discover More About Christopher’s Work

If you’re curious to explore more of Christopher Paul Dean’s work and discover the intriguing intersections between art and everyday objects, visit his website at The captivating images of “Caution (26 Iteration.1)” were skillfully captured by Keri Weiland Photography, available at

Embracing Creativity and Innovation

At Heskins®, we celebrate unconventional applications of our products and the innovative spirit of artists like Christopher Paul Dean. Our non-slip hazard flooring die cuts are available in black/yellow and red/white, with custom options depending on order quantity. Whether for industrial safety or artistic expression, our products offer endless possibilities.

To learn more about our non-slip hazard flooring die cuts or to place an order, please don’t hesitate to contact Heskins®. You can reach Heskins by phone, email, or Live Chat. We look forward to assisting you in your safety or creative endeavors.

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