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How do you Perform a Friction Test on No Skid Tape?

Grip Tape

No skid tape needs to have a quantifiable level of grip. It has to be a figure to allow comparisons and an objective decision of which no skid tape to use or even if it can be used, that figure is coefficient of friction. Let me brief you on all no skid tape coefficient of friction standards to ensure that you stay within the legal and best practise insurance requirements.

Coefficient of Friction (CoF) is, as mentioned above, the measurement of grip. The higher the figure, the higher the grip level but there is ultimately a limit, 100% grip would result in no feet moving.


This is definitely the major standard for both North America and the rest of the world. Pendulum is a dynamic test, this means that the value is generated by the energy required to bring a moving object to a halt, this is more relevant as it better represents a foot striking the floor. Pendulum has well certified operating procedures this results in tests that should be almost exactly the same if performed in different locations, it provides a form of standardization previously not available with other equipment. The main American test criteria is ASTM E303, international tests would be EN 16165, EN13036, BS 7976 amongst many others, these tests then perform the basis of other tests such as SSR (Sustainable Slip Resistance). If you dig down deep in the Pendulum tests you will references such as TRL and Four S, these are the rubber test pads used, we can provide further information on these, if you see the abbreviation PTV this simply expresses the value. Pendulum is the no skid tape test criteria that Heskins prefers, if you check our data sheets you will it commonly referenced. Most insurance requirements will want a minimum PTV of 36.


National Floor Safety Institute is a non-profit organization based out of Texas, they have tested various Heskins materials to their highest test criteria ‘HIGH TRACTION’.

ASTM C-1028

This standard can be still be found referenced but is officially redundant. C-1028 is a static test, this is the opposite of Pendulum, a static test is the energy required to get the test object moving. Heskins does have C-1028 test results but we now barely reference them on data sheets, if needed please enquire so we can provide.


The are various MIL-SPECS referenced but not all are current, the lists you may see could reference MIL-17951, MIL-5044 and MIL-PRF-24667. Please enquire as to the status of these.


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