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PermaStripe® Floor Marking Tape Outdoor Application

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PermaStripe® floor marking tape has predominantly been marketed as an indoor product, but how does PermaStripe® perform outdoors? Read on…

We have spent many years marketing our PermaStripe floor marking tape for indoor use, and over the years we have created a strong confidence in the performance of PermaStripe in internal areas, our customers are a true testament to that fact! More recently, we have been testing its application in external environments, and we are happy to announce that it works just as well outdoors as it does indoors! Our surface primer lends a very big hand in the success of the application. By sealing the surface PermaStripe is to be applied on, you are eradicating the possibility of the adhesive becoming exposed to moisture and failing. This makes sure the application is durable and long lasting when exposed to the elements. Once applied, the properties that make PermaStripe what it is come in to play. The 0.043” thick industrial grade plastic film will easily cope with high traffic areas, it’s chamfered edge preventing it being lifted from the surface it’s applied to.

Potential outdoor application for PermaStripe

permastripe outdoor applicationThere are many potential areas for application of PermaStripe outdoors. There are many workplaces which have a yard that has a concrete surface, and concrete is a perfect surface to apply PermaStripe too, as in most circumstances it is a flat, smooth surface that ensures a strong bond will be achieved between surface and material. Some example areas that come to mind are lumber & construction yards and airports. All these areas have large concrete spaces that have a lot of traffic on them, with safety and organization a concern, by marking out specific routes whether they be for people or vehicles, you can ensure that by doing so, processes can be carried out much more safely and efficiently. Marking certain routes in specific floor marking tape colors can also help to notify people on foot or in vehicle about the designated area, caution zones ( yellow ), emergency access points ( red/white ) and areas where specific potential hazards are present ( black/yellow ) are 3 examples of demarcation in the workplace. You can view the full 5S color range by referring to our guide below. Download Heskins® OSHA Color Guidelines PermaStripes homogenous construction means that if it is scratched, the color won’t be affected, as the color runs all the way through the material, so it will not wear away and render the product useless, requiring it to be replaced. PermaStripe floor marking tape is available in roll sizes of 2”x98ft, 3”x98ft and 4”x98ft in a wide range of colors as seen in the OSHA color guidelines document. Heskins® also supply PermaStripe in a large variety of cut shapes, suitable to create a complete floor marking system. Custom options are available, which we are always happy to discuss depending on order quantity. Heskins® supply surface primer in 17 fluid ounce and 34 fluid ounce containers, with the former covering up to 25 square feet and the latter 50 square feet. You can find more information on our PermaStripe and PermaRoute® floor marking tape ranges on our website If you wish to place an order, you can do so by contacting us by phone, Live Chat or the contact us form on the website. We look forward to hearing from you.

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