PermaStripe Smooth - Slick Line Marking

permastripe smooth black yellow hazardOur PermaStripe range is the Worlds toughest and most durable marking material due to the following features:
  • 1mm industrial grade plastic film construc­tion.
  • Highly chamfered edge to easily cope with forklift traffic.
  • Highest quality adhesive applied edge to edge for a strong bond.
  • Embossed anti slip surface

PermaStripe is suitable for application anywhere, but one thing became a small problem for areas and environments where strict hygiene regulations are required, the embossed surface made it difficult to clean.... Our new PermaStripe Smooth carries all the same benefits of our flagship range, aside from one feature, the embossed surface. The surface is completely smooth to allow for efficient cleaning, meaning this can be easily applied in any areas that have strict hygiene standards, such as kitchens, catering companies and sterile manuf­ac­turing plants. Companies looking for aesthe­tic­ally pleasing marking solutions can also benefit from this. The sleek surface will not look out of place in any elegant decor, allowing an organised, safe working environment no matter what. PermaStripe Smooth is currently available for immediate dispatch in yellow, black/yellow hazard and white 2"x98ft rolls. Should you wish to enquire about other variants, order a sample or place an order of the products currently available, you can contact our sales team by phone, email, live chat or the contact us form on the website.  

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