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Photoluminescent Anti Slip Bolt Down Plates – A Dual Purpose Product

Glow in the Dark Tape

Heskins have recently created a new dual-purpose product that would suit many people. Read about photoluminescent anti slip bolt down plates here.

Heskins has recently fashioned a new product by combining two popular materials, creating a dual purpose safety solution known as photoluminescent anti-slip bolt down plates.

Our latest innovation consists of l-shape anti-slip bolt down plates and high-quality photoluminescent egress tape. The bolt down plate aids in non-slip protection from falling on wet staircases and, along with it, the glow in the dark egress tape stair noses on the plate to create a glow for dim light or lights out situations. Not only does this help prevent falls, but it also acts as a visual aide. This double purpose product works effectively in several areas including schools, warehouses, shopping centers, etc. While some places desperately need anti-slip tape to aid in the prevention of potential accidents, tape cannot always stick to subjects facing inclement weather. These bolt down plates remove the possibility of failure of the tape sticking.

The anti-slip tape is pressure rolled onto a durable sheet of l-shaped aluminum that contains 6 predrilled eyelets which can then be drilled onto a staircase. The anti-slip treads then combine with our photoluminescent egress tape which is applied to the front of the plate, creating a visual aid when walking up the stairs. During the day, this Photoluminescent tape is a mild green color, however in lights out situations, it immediately casts a highly noticeable bright green glow. This glow can be charged by natural or artificial lighting, which makes it more purposeful for indoor applications as well.

The combination of these two products have been tested to help meet Fire Codes and IBC (International Building Codes). For more information on our photoluminescent anti slip bolt down plates, and to place an order, you can contact us via phone, email, live chat or the contact us form on the site.

What Are The Benefits of Dual Purpose Plates?

The main benefit of our dual plates is that they provide two solutions within one product. Our bolt-down plates are mainly used for decking, creating a sturdy non-slip solution as they are bolted into place. The other solution here is it’s using our glow in the dark anti-slip tape. This ensures safety day and night, making the steps visible in low light areas while also proving the non-slip properties.

How Does Glow In The Dark Work?

Phosphors in our photoluminescent tape are given energy by light. The phosphors absorb all visible, UV, or infrared light to generate photoluminescence. This method is completely safe because it is non-radioactive. They absorb the light particles, store them, and then reflect them.

How To Activate Glow In The Dark Tape?

We encourage “charging” our glow-in-the-dark tape prior to use. Preferably in the sunlight outside is one way to achieve this; however, artificial light will still charge the tape. The tape will activate and glow when the lights go dark, making it clear and visible. This ensures that the tape has collected all the light particles after placing them.

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