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Precision and Comfort – Advanced Gun Grips by Heskins

Grip Tape

As a gun grip materials manufacturer Heskins prefers to be in the background. We manufacture for some of the best known names and brands in the firearms accessory industry and prefer to be the name that the trade go to.

Heskins is proud to be source of knowledge and products when gun grip suppliers need help and supplies. Let’s talk about what we do in this sector.

A Specialized Sector

Gun grips has its own nuances and individual requirements. First of all the maximum area used on a firearm for gripping is small; a pistol grip is small scale but often tiny pieces are sometimes used just in front and above of the trigger guard.

Gun Grip Materials

One grade does not suit all! We all know that standard grade anti slip tapes such as 3M Safety-Walk 600 and 610 are popular but does it mean that that is all we should offer customers? Many firearms customers will love using a standard grade anti slip tape but for many others they want something different, they have different uses. We supply gun grip suppliers with large quantities of different grades;

Marine Grade Tape

It is such a good material for this application, it uses a mineral so provides fantastic levels of grip and durability but as the mineral is rounded and no sharp it means it feel great, looks good and does not abrade skin. If you want a compromise material to build your new gun grips from, I would definitely consider this product.

Non-Abrasive Tapes

The Heskins non-abrasive grade range keeps getting bigger and bigger, we are without question the world’s largest supplier of non-abrasive anti slip tape, we supply more than the rest of the manufacturers put together. We have gun grip focused materials in our range such as Flexi-Grip and FlowGrip, these are designed for allow for extreme conforming, even over sharp fractures allowing for previously impossible gun grip placement.

Heavy Duty Abrasive Material

Sometimes you need an extreme material for an extreme requirement. At Heskins we liked customers who do not want to compromise, we feel like we both have a mutual purpose! We have previously worked with manufacturers of firearms and firearms accessories for military applications where the client needs something that is deep, tough, not pretty (their words not ours) and not available elsewhere. We manufacture those products, have a look at our X-Coarse range or speak with us about we can produce something unique for you.

Customize Your Gun Grips

Custom Cut Gun Grips

Due to the wide variety of firearms most gun grips are lazer cut by the gun grips supplier. Heskins ensures that its offering allows to be easily cut by a lazer.

As mentioned above most gun grips are cut in-house at the gun grip supplier using our materials, but, if you have a larger than average contract then our die cutting production will be much faster and much cheaper. We have fully automated die cutters that are capable of producing hundreds-of-thousands pieces per day.

Custom Color Gun Grips

We are all aware of Henry Ford’s mantra about “…any color you want…” but unfortunately it still holds true, look at most gun grip tape offering, it is a majority of black. Heskins provides an entire spectrum of colors, we have colors that are stock that fit in perfectly with most demands. For MOQs we produce custom colors.

Custom Printed Gun Grips

We can easily print anything on to the gun grip material, Heskins has a full scale printing facility.

Handgun Grips

Handguns, including pistols and revolvers, are the most common firearms requiring precise grip enhancements. The compact nature of handguns means that every square inch of grip space is crucial for achieving a secure hold, particularly in high-stress situations or when used with one hand. For these firearms, Heskins’ non-abrasive grade materials like Flexi-Grip and FlowGrip are ideal. They offer a comfortable grip without the risk of abrasion to the skin, which is essential for concealed carry weapons where the grip may be in constant contact with the user’s body.

Tactical Rifle Grips

Tactical rifles, used by military and law enforcement personnel, demand grips that can withstand extreme conditions and rough handling. For these applications, Heskins’ heavy-duty abrasive products are perfectly suited. The X-Coarse range, for instance, provides a deep, tough grip surface that ensures reliability and control even in adverse environments. These materials are designed to offer maximum durability and resistance to wear, making them indispensable for tactical applications where failure is not an option.

Sporting Shotgun Grips

Sporting shotguns, used in hunting and competitive shooting, require grips that offer both comfort and stability over extended periods of use. Marine-grade materials from Heskins are particularly beneficial for these firearms. The rounded, mineral-based composition of the marine grade provides an excellent balance between a secure grip and user comfort, preventing hand fatigue during long hunting sessions or competitions. Additionally, the aesthetic quality of these materials does not detract from the appearance of high-end sporting shotguns.

Custom Firearm Grips

For custom firearm enthusiasts and collectors, the visual aspect of a gun grip is as important as its functionality. Heskins caters to this niche by offering laser-cuttable materials and a wide spectrum of colors. Custom firearms often feature unique designs that require precise grip shaping, and the ability to laser cut materials allows for exact fitment to these bespoke pieces. The availability of various colors and the option for custom printing enable enthusiasts to personalize their firearms to a high degree, matching or complementing the overall design theme of their custom piece.

At Heskins we take an interest in what you do and what we can for you, we genuinely want to help. Please do enquire.


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