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Printed Non-Slip Tape

Anti-Slip Tape

Printed non-slip tape is a great safety product, providing a non-slip surface with a warning message. Read what Heskins printed non-slip tape is available.

Printing non-slip tape materials is becoming an increasing part of our work; customers love the chance to have their message printed onto our non-slip tape.  Printing onto non-slip tape is not an easy task, the abrasive peaks and valleys make it difficult to adhere effectively onto the surface, and it has taken us a long time to perfect it.  Irregular surfaces make it hard for the colours to effectively hold onto the substrate. Printing onto our anti-slip tapes is something that has become far more popular in recent years; our customers really love the possibility of having their brand or message printed directly onto Safety Grip. While the end result looks great, it has not been an easy road to get to this point. The peaks and valleys on Safety Grip made it difficult for the print to adhere effectively on to the surface, which has taken a lot of trial and error to get to a satisfactory level. The irregular surfaces meant it’s been a challenge to get the colors to hold onto the substrate effectively. Now we can offer various printing methods, to make it possible for customers of all levels to receive printed non-slip tape.

Full Color Top Surface Print

Top surface print is the most popular choice for printed non-slip tape with Heskins customers, as it is easy to set up, which means lower MOQs ( minimum order quantities ) are possible. We always print full color if required, and this method always gives a high definition finish, something that is vital when reproducing photos into print.

Partial Color Top Surface Print

This requires longer set up times, so the MOQs are larger, but with this the price is lower due to only using partial colors, but with faster print speeds.

Undersurface print

This achieves the best results, due to being the highest quality with greater durability. It also gets some green points by being more eco-friendly. With these benefits, it is also the most costly to produce, with large MOQs too, but with the print done before the base is coated with abrasive, it will last a lot longer and thus balances out the upfront investment. We can also die-cut Safety Grip once printing is completed, to allow your non-slip solution to meet your specific requirements. If you require a printed non-slip tape solution, then please contact us to discuss your needs. You can contact us by phone, email or live chat. We look forward to hearing from you.


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