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Glow in the Dark Directional Marking Tape

Product code: PHOT2CHV

  • Mid-performance glow in the dark marking tape
  • Also provides directional assistance
  • Afterglow of 4-6 hours after sufficient charge
  • Overview
  • Colors

Glow in the dark directional marking tape features a printed chevron pattern on top of photoluminescent egress tape.

The arrow markings combined with the glow in the dark material make glow in the dark arrow that provides excellent route marking material in low light or lights out situation. Glow in the dark directional marking tape can provide guidance along walkways, corridors, access ways and down stairways to guide employees and guests safely around or out of a building.

Heskins® have created a new egress tape for this product, with the only difference being the glow times. It serves as a midway point between Heskins® standard and high-quality egress.

Regarding glow times, from a standard charge from natural or incandescent light, glow in the dark directional tape can glow between 4-6 hours. By creating a new glow in the dark product, we can now offer even more variety in the range in terms of price and performance.

Glow in the Dark Directional Marking Tape Performance

Glow in the dark directional marking tape uses egress tape, which then has black arrows printed in sequence on the surface, before being finished off with a top surface laminate which protects the print and increases the durability of the product. The laminate has no detrimental impact on glow performance.

Heskins® produce glow in the dark directional marking tape in 33ft rolls. Due to the arrows print, they are produced in fixed sizes.

Should you require different sizes, glow in the dark hazard egress marking tape is available for purchase.

You can see surface print dimensions in the image alongside.

If you require more information on PHOT2CHV glow in the dark directional tape or would like to place an order, you can contact our sales team by email, phone, live chat or the contact us form on the site.

Pantone / RAL
Black / 9017
Average LRV


Pantone / RAL
7485 U / 6019
Average LRV

Glow in the Dark

Light Reflectance Values

Product code Color Av. LRV Range
PHOT2CHV Black 8.91 2.25
PHOT2CHV Glow in the Dark 94.28 0.94

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