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Glow in the Dark Directional Floor Signs

Product code: GID1616

  • Hi-viz both day and night
  • Sufficient afterglow performance
  • Easy to apply on most flat surfaces
  • Overview

Heskins produces an excellent range of self-adhesive glow in the dark directional floor signs. The signs easily mark out emergency routes or fire exits. We produce photolu­min­escent floor signs in a size of 16in x 16in; with rounded corners (to help with durability) and are laminated with a tough upper surface to help prevent the print from being damaged. The permanent adhesive grips most surfaces with ease. The floor signs are charged by natural or artificial lights, during the day they are a vivid green and white display. As soon as the lighting is diminished they become black with glowing white infills. Photolu­min­escent floor signs are far more cost-effective than using powered signs and can be placed onto almost any flat substrate.

The standard stock range of photolu­min­escent floor signs that we produce are;

  • Directional arrow.
  • Person exiting left.
  • Person exiting right.

The safety notices can be applied with minutes and immediately walked on afterwards, they offer fantastic value for money being a very cost-effective product that provides many years of use. The laminated surface combined with the high-quality adhesive that Heskins coats onto its products (we only use the best acrylic adhesives) ensures that you receive a material designed for industrial use. As we produce these materials by the thousand we can guarantee that the price will be much lower than even a basic vinyl floor marker that is not photolu­min­escent or laminated.

On request we can produce different designs, texts etc, please enquire for information concerning minimum order quantities etc.

For more information, or to place an order, contact the Heskins sales team by phone, Live Chat or the contact us form.

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