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Purple PermaStripe a Custom Heavy-Duty Line Marking Innovation


We have added another color to our PermaStripe range; purple! I will be honest in that purple is not the most popular color, but, we have been asked quite a few times on it so decided to produce. Talking about this new color addition it gives me the opportunity to talk about our custom production of PermaStripe.

We are unique in that we are the only company in the world who manufacture their own heavy duty line marking materials, the necessary investment was huge but instead of relying on other companies and having them add their own profit we produce it all, on our own production line. Our own production line allows us to produce custom colors. Lets talk more about this, how we produce it;

Production of PermaStripe

PermaStripe is the best heavy duty line marking in the world, I mean it and I guarantee it. 100%! We know it is the best so we give a 3 year warranty, I will be honest, I do not know why we bother with that as most companies contact us in maybe 5 years time to order some more for a new facility and tell us that the original material is still looking like new, that is the praise we like.

Homogenous Plastic

PermaStripe is a solid homogenous piece of plastic, 0.05” thick of virgin colored PVC. We do not print it, the color is integral to the plastic, it cannot be separated, you can scratch it all day, cover it in bleach, put a wire brush on it and the outcome will be the same, the color will be there all the way through, that is very special. The plastic is so thick that we add a chamfer down the side, this prevents it becoming a trip hazard.

How it our Line Marking Tapes Colored?

As mentioned the color is all the way through. We have two options for how we color; masterbatch coloring or compound coloring. If the quantities are smaller then we use masterbatch colouring. The compound is the plastic in its raw format, it looks like small chips of ivory product, we add the masterbatch. The masterbatch looks like a deeper color version of the target color and is highly concentrated, it is in a tiny format, they look like fractions of rice granules. We add the masterbatch to the compound using a doser and then an auger to blend them together. Compound coloring is for larger production runs, we send the requested color to the compound suppliers who then supply the compound ready colored.

How is Purple PermaStripe Produced?

The compound (with or without masterbatch added) is then pulled into an extruder, the extruder crushes the solid compounds under over 3000psi whilst exposing it to extremely high melts. The screw becomes incrementally tighter along the length of the extruder, this compression not only increases the PSI but makes the temperature even higher due to friction. Under pressure it rapidly turns the solid compound into a liquid. The liquid then is forced through an extrusion tool which gives it shape, it is then immediately cooled. The material then runs along a long line that automatically adds an adhesive coating and even winds rolls automatically, our line is so automated that only one person needs to operate it and every 98’ merely has to take a roll off and put in a box.


We can make to any color but require the following MOQs;

  • 2”x98’ = 150
  • 3”x98’ = 150
  • 4”x98’ = 120

Please speak to our experienced team who are always willing to help.


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