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Reduce Accidents with Anti Slip Stair Treads


Heskins produce a range of safety tapes suitable for us as anti-slip stair treads. Read this blog post to find out which tapes are suitable as non slip stair treads.

Anti-slip stair treads are vital in businesses that receive visitors and house staff. By applying anti-slip stair treads to all stairs and staircases, you can drastically reduce the risk of slip and fall injuries on stairs. Slip and fall injuries on even surfaces have drastic repercussions, but to fall on stairs can also result in falls from height, which can be fatal.

There are many options for complete non-slip stair treads, some of which are low profile. There are some out there that do raise the walking surface height of the steps themselves, something that can cause complications resulting in mis-steps and trips, and the consequences are the same as the accidents mentioned above.

Heskins produce many different anti-slip tapes and solutions for use as anti-slip stair treads.


Heskins flagship material consists of aluminium oxide granules applied to a PVC backing. Heskins produce their primary abrasive material in 4 different variants; mild, standard, coarse, and X-Coarse. The difference in them is the size of granule applied to the surface, which of course lends itself to external environments of varying degrees. From clean, sometimes wet areas to constantly dirty areas that are also subject to snowfall. With Safety-Grip available in rolls from 25mm to full-width logs and a myriad of die-cut shapes, the Safety Grip range guarantees you will find an option that suits your particular requirement. Used outdoors on concrete steps as non-slip stair treads, you can help keep people safe. The application can be as simple as applying to clean, dry concrete, but for more durability, our range of ancillaries can help prolong the durability of the application further. Glow in the dark options are also available for low-light areas or when a guided exit is required in power-outs.


For metal steps made from durbar tread or chequer plate, conformable anti slip tape is the perfect solution for non-slip stair treads. The aluminium foil backing carries no inherent memory, so will conform to the surface texture, if one is present, increasing grip and reducing the likelihood of tearing, as it is not prone to lifting like less malleable safety tape backings. Our rubber mallet is the ideal solution to help the material conform to the surface after initial application, as it will not damage the surface, and will help to coax the material over the surface texture. Available in various roll widths from 25mm to full-width logs, in many colours. Die-cut shapes are also an option available to you.


Heskins Aqua-Safe non-abrasive anti-slip tape is an embossed safety tape, suitable for applying indoors on stair nosing as non-slip stair treads. Due to it performing exceptionally well in wet areas, steps in areas located near building entrances will benefit from its application. It’s also incredibly easy to clean. Unlike Heskins abrasive materials, Heskins non-abrasives are a solid construction and do not feature any sharp edges that could damage cleaning equipment. There are also no concealed valleys where dirt and therefore, bacteria can harbor. Heskins produce Aqua-Safe rolls in sizes ranging from 25mm to full-width, master rolls, as well as various colours and die-cut shapes if required.


Like Aqua-Safe, resilient anti-slip tapes surface is produced by embossing. Unlike Aqua-Safe, resilient comes with a range of different surface embossings and thicknesses, such as coarse resilient and lean resilient. Resilient anti-slip tape options help cater not only for areas that may require non-slip stair treads with extra grip but for recessed areas or low-profile applications. As with Aqua-Safe, the entire range of resilient anti slip tape is easy to clean with no possibility of damaging cleaning equipment. Glow in the dark options are also available in the form of high-quality glow in the dark anti-slip tape, which is clear coarse resilient applied over a layer impregnated with photoluminescent photons. High-quality glow in the dark features exceptionally long-lasting afterglow performance that makes guided exits in high-rise buildings possible. Applying resilient as anti-slip stair treads provides slip protection and lighted guidance.

Anti-slip Plates

For wood and concrete steps, using L-shape bolt-down anti-slip plates as non-slip stair treads is an ideal solution. Their L shape ensures the face and step surface have grip enhancement, and the plates themselves can be fit into place with screws, nails, or bolts, with eyelets to counter-sink the heads for a clean finish, removing an additional risk of trips. Heskins can apply abrasive or non-abrasive slip protection to the surface. All of Heskins bolt-down, anti-slip plates are made from weather-proof aluminium but can be made from stainless steel if preferred.

As mentioned, the majority of these safety tapes can benefit from the use of Heskins application accessories when applied as anti-slip stair treads to increase the durability and service life of their application under heavy foot traffic.

For more information, please visit the product links to learn more about each material. To speak to a sales advisor, you can do so via live chat or phone right now. Alternatively, please fill out the contact us form on the website, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



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