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Reflective Railcar Tape Now Available from Heskins LLC

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Reflective railcar tape is now available from Heskins LLC and is designed to increase the visibility of rolling stock. Read more about reflective railcar tape here.

Heskins LLC is thrilled to introduce our latest addition to our safety tape lineup: reflective railcar tape. This specialized tape is specifically designed to enhance the visibility of rolling stock, offering an effective solution for reducing the risk of accidents and minimizing their severity. In this blog post, we will delve into the features and benefits of reflective railcar tape, highlighting its crucial role in promoting safety in railcar operations.

Reflective railcar tape is engineered with high reflective values, surpassing the recommended specifications. By applying this tape to rolling stock, the visibility of the vehicles is significantly improved. This heightened visibility translates into faster reaction times for other motorists and personnel, thereby reducing the likelihood of severe accidents.

One of the key products in our range is the FRA 224 Reflective railcar conspicuity tape. This tape utilizes a base of metalized microprismatic DOT tape, ensuring optimal performance and visibility. It is designed to be visible from all front-facing viewing angles during various lighting conditions, including dawn, dusk, and nighttime. Importantly, the reflective properties of the tape remain unaffected by impacts, making it highly durable. Even when subjected to pressure washers, the tape remains resistant to washing due to its impressive 10-year performance rating.

The application process for reflective railcar tape is straightforward. It features a high-tack adhesive that allows for easy application in all temperature conditions. Unlike other tapes, it is not prone to edge-lift, eliminating the need for additional edge fixing measures. This ensures a secure and long-lasting bond.

At Heskins LLC, we offer reflective railcar tape in yellow or white color options. The tape is available in convenient sizes of 4″ x 150ft, providing ample coverage for railcar surfaces. Additionally, customers have the option to choose kiss-cut versions, with the tape cut into 18-inch intervals, or pre-cut strips measuring 4″ x 18 inches. This versatility allows for tailored solutions to meet specific requirements.

For further information about FRA 224 reflective railcar tape, we encourage you to visit our website. Our dedicated sales team is also available to provide personalized assistance. Whether you prefer to connect by phone or engage in a live chat session, we are ready to address any inquiries or concerns you may have. Alternatively, you can conveniently fill out the contact form on our website, and we will promptly respond to your message.

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In conclusion, Heskins LLC is delighted to present our reflective railcar tape as a cutting-edge solution for enhancing visibility and promoting safety in railcar operations. With its exceptional reflective properties, durability, and easy application, this tape is a valuable asset for reducing the risk of accidents. To learn more about our FRA 224 reflective railcar tape or to connect with our sales team, please visit our website or reach out to us directly. We remain committed to providing top-quality safety products that make a difference in promoting a safer environment.


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