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RollerGrip Tape is Versatile in Industrial Applications


Heskins RLGP RollerGrip tape stands out as the top-performing and most cost-effective tape for enhancing grip on various web-based roller systems, including those used in printing, film production, textiles, paper industries, and more. This tape is crafted from high-grade silicone applied onto a finely woven mesh cloth base. It features a textured surface with a uniform pattern that provides multi directional grip. The consistent embossing and thickness ensure superior printing results by maintaining precise material alignment at the entry point of the printing process. The RollerGrip tape’s optimal shore hardness offers the perfect balance of cushioning and flexibility.

Heskins manufactures RollerGrip using the highest quality compounds, resulting in a tape with excellent wear resistance and tolerance to high temperatures.

Application of the RollerGrip tape is straightforward, thanks to its industry-leading, UV-stable adhesive that delivers the ideal level of stickiness but can also be removed easily when necessary.

In the fast-paced world of industrial manufacturing, efficiency and precision are crucial to success. The Heskins RLGP RollerGrip tape significantly enhances these aspects across various sectors. Let’s explore the various applications of this innovative tape and its benefits in each area.

Printing Industry

Precision in material alignment is essential in the printing industry. RollerGrip tape’s superior grip ensures that paper, films, and other materials move through rollers without slipping or shifting. This control reduces the risk of misprints and material waste, resulting in more consistent print quality and lower operational costs. The tape’s heat resistance is also beneficial against the high temperatures of fast-running printing presses.

Film Production

In film production, especially during the handling of cinematic film strips or delicate digital media, RollerGrip tape is invaluable. Its high-grade silicone surface grips film securely yet gently, minimizing the risk of damage as it moves through processing equipment. This careful handling is vital for maintaining the quality and integrity of the footage, ensuring that the final product is impeccable.

Textile Manufacturing

In textile mills, it’s important that fabrics are handled smoothly to prevent snags and stretches that could lead to defects. RollerGrip tape aids in smoother roller operations, guiding fabrics firmly but gently. This even processing helps maintain the quality of textiles throughout production. Additionally, the tape’s durability allows it to withstand exposure to the chemicals and dyes often used in textile processing, adding to its usefulness in this sector.


Paper Manufacturing

In paper manufacturing, precision is crucial to ensure that the final products meet high quality standards. RollerGrip tape helps achieve this by preventing slippage and misalignment of paper sheets through various stages of production. From pulping to final cutting, the tape’s consistent performance under high-pressure and temperature conditions ensures top-quality paper output with minimal downtime.

Benefits Across Industries

RollerGrip tape offers several key advantages across all these applications:

Enhanced Productivity: By minimizing material slippage and alignment issues, RollerGrip tape accelerates the production process and reduces the need for reworks and adjustments.



Designed to withstand wear, tear, and high temperatures, the tape’s robust construction meets the demands of continuous industrial use.

Ease of Use

The tape’s UV stable adhesive allows for easy application and adjustment or replacement without leaving residues, simplifying maintenance.


RollerGrip tape is available in various sizes and can be custom-cut to meet specific industrial needs, making it a versatile solution for a wide range of machinery and applications.


By incorporating RollerGrip tape into their processes, industries can achieve higher efficiency and product quality, along with substantial cost savings over time. Whether it’s printing magazines, producing blockbuster films, weaving textiles, or manufacturing high-quality paper, RollerGrip tape is the unsung hero ensuring smooth and efficient operations.

Samples are available, and our knowledgeable sales team is ready to address any questions you may have.



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