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Enhancing Safety at Sea: Introducing Marine Safety-Grip (MAR) Anti-Slip Tape


Safety should always be a top priority for maritime and marine applications. Whether on a boat, ship, or any other watercraft, having reliable traction underfoot is crucial to prevent slips, trips, and falls. At Heskins, we understand the importance of ensuring a safe environment in such settings. That’s why we developed Marine Safety-Grip (MAR) anti-slip tape—an exceptional product designed to provide unparalleled slip resistance while offering unique advantages that set it apart from other alternatives on the market.

Research and Development of Marine Tape

Creating a product that truly excels in marine applications was challenging. It required extensive research, sourcing suitable materials, and perfecting the manufacturing process. Our dedicated team worked tirelessly to develop a high coefficient of friction mineral anti-slip tape that met our stringent quality standards. However, we didn’t stop there. We wanted our waterproof tape to be comfortable for barefoot walking and easy to clean, making it the ideal solution for various marine scenarios.

After a long and rigorous development process, our Marine Safety-Grip tape was born. It’s innovative design and superior performance have won the hearts of our customers. Although the initial uptake was gradual, word quickly spread about this exceptional tape, and it has now become one of our most sought-after products.

What Makes Marine Safety-Grip Tape the Best on the Market?

Its unmatched performance makes Marine Safety-Grip (MAR) anti-slip tape truly remarkable. The carefully selected mineral composition ensures a high coefficient of friction, providing exceptional slip resistance even in wet and slippery conditions. This makes it ideal for decks, ramps, steps, and any other areas prone to potential accidents on marine vessels.

One of the standout features of our waterproof tape is its rounded surface. This unique design allows for comfortable barefoot walking, ensuring that passengers and crew members can move around the vessel without discomfort or risk of injury. Gone are the days of rough, abrasive anti-slip surfaces that irritate—our marine tape combines safety with comfort.

Maintaining cleanliness aboard a marine vessel can be tough, but our maritime tape eases that burden. Its smooth and rounded surface can be cleaned easily, ensuring that dirt, grime, and other debris are effortlessly removed. This enhances the vessel’s aesthetic appeal and creates a hygienic and safe environment.

Customer Feedback is Amazing!

We are delighted to receive positive feedback from our customers, who have found our Marine Safety-Grip (MAR) anti-slip tape to be the perfect solution for their marine slip problems. We recently received a link to a blog post where a customer shared their satisfaction with our product, praising its performance and aesthetics. We are always thrilled to hear such success stories and know that our efforts are making a difference in enhancing safety and peace of mind for maritime enthusiasts and professionals alike.

If you’re searching for a reliable and superior anti-slip tape solution for your marine needs, we invite you to contact us. Our dedicated team at Heskins is ready to assist you in finding the perfect anti-slip tape that will enhance safety and meet your specific requirements. Together, let’s make your marine adventures safer and more enjoyable. Give us a call on 877 900 8359 or use the contact us form.


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