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Shipping Delays & Disruptions


This is an update regarding the shipping delays and disruptions that are happening at the moment and what Heskins® are doing to reduce their impact.

The current landscape of logistics and stock shortages is unprecedented, creating challenges that many of us in the industry have never encountered before. With a career at Heskins® spanning over 24 years, dating back to 1997, I can attest that the disruptions we are witnessing now are unlike anything in the past.

Understanding the gravity of the situation, Heskins® is actively addressing these challenges and implementing strategies to minimize their impact on our customers.
A cornerstone of our approach is the emphasis on internal stock levels. Heskins® has earned a well-deserved reputation for maintaining high levels of raw materials, work-in-progress items, and finished stocks. Since the early months of 2021, we have taken significant steps to bolster these stock levels even further. This strategic decision positions us as one of the select few suppliers capable of meeting delivery deadlines reliably, even amidst the current uncertainties in the supply chain.

Recognizing the extended delivery times imposed by our delivery partners, we are proactively advising our customers to opt for an earlier dispatch date from Heskins® whenever feasible. This recommendation is rooted in our commitment to ensuring that your stock arrives on time, if not earlier, navigating through the challenges posed by external factors.

In response to the fluidity of the situation, Heskins® has extended its flexibility in accepting delivery acceptance criteria. Orders can now be accepted up to 7 days early, offering an additional layer of adaptability to accommodate evolving customer needs. Furthermore, we provide the option to pull orders in to ship once available, streamlining the process and enhancing convenience for our valued customers.

For those with regular and recurring requirements, we encourage open communication and collaboration. By sharing your schedule with us, we can incorporate this data into our efficient production and dispatch systems. This collaborative approach ensures that your specific requirements flow seamlessly through our processes, promoting efficiency and reliability in every interaction.
It’s essential to highlight that our primary shipping providers, including FedEx and UPS, have acknowledged the challenges and offer suspension of service guarantees. Detailed terms for each provider are available on their respective websites, providing transparency and clarity on the available options for our customers.

In these challenging times, Heskins® is committed to working closely with our customers to alleviate potential disruptions. We understand that challenges are inevitable, but we are equally committed to being a part of the solution. Our team is available for discussions through phone or live chat to address specific needs and concerns. Alternatively, completing the contact us form ensures that our team responds promptly to assist with any inquiries or requirements.

In conclusion, Heskins® stands as a resilient partner during these unprecedented times, taking proactive steps to minimize the impact of shipping delays and disruptions. Our commitment to high internal stock levels, flexibility in dispatch options, and collaborative scheduling approaches are a testament to Heskins dedication to customer satisfaction. Thank you for choosing Heskins®, and we look forward to navigating these challenges together, ensuring a smoother and more efficient experience for our valued customers.


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