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Slip Resistant Tape: The Three Grades of Safety Grip

Anti-Slip Tape

With this post, we take the opportunity to explain the differences in our 3 grades of Safety Grip, and the slip-resistant tape we make with them.

As Americas largest supplier of anti-slip tape, we manufacture various grades of anti-slip tape to ensure there is slip prevention for all industries. When I mention grades, I am referring to the mineral sizes we use for the abrasive coating on our slip resistant tape, Safety Grip. The minerals range from a very fine grit, to a very coarse grit, applied to a tape base. It is safe to assume anti slip tape is made in a similar way to sandpaper, although additional manufacturing techniques are implemented to achieve maximum durability and effectiveness during use. Further advancements in material and manufacturing technologies have allowed us to expand the range further and help our company grow by expanding into further industries. The different grades of abrasive Safety Grip we have available are:

Standard: The most widely used anti slip tape grade, and therefore the most popular. This is due to it’s capabilities of being used in a lot of areas. The abrasive coating allows it to be applied in internal and external environments, and areas exposed to moisture of water logging in footwear is used. Heskins® standard anti slip tape is graded as 60 grit.

Coarse: These minerals are slightly larger than the standard, making it a more abrasive material, and more suitable for use in industrial or construction areas. Using this in areas exposed to loose dirt or liquids is ideal. Heskins® grade this one as 36 grit.

X-Coarse: The most abrasive anti slip tape that Heskins® manufactures, it’s totally unique. The grit has been produced so it is very large, and when applied creates large valleys in-between, that makes it suitable for heavy industrial application, impervious to certain amounts of mud, clay and snow & ice. It also features a thicker backing plastic carrier and higher grade (HG) adhesive than the standard or coarse for further increases in durability, so it can cope with its intended environment. Heskins grade this as 30 grit.

The abrasive substance we use for our anti slip tape is aluminum oxide. It’s a diamond hard substance that gets crushed and applied to the backing, which is then passed through a static bar to make all the sharpest points face upwards, before a light coating of resin is used to fix them in place, which prevents loose grit and increases durability. Aluminum oxide has very slow degradation, and will last for years if the product is applied correctly. Using application accessories aids the quality and durability of the application further. Years of research and development means we can now produce a variety of products that can apply themselves to different applications.


Safety Grip – Heskins® original anti slip tape, seen as the standard in abrasive slip prevention. It is a simple, yet tough slip resistant tape that ranges from 60 grit to 30 grit material, designed to be used and perform to exceptional levels in many environments. Heskins® Safety Grip will provide impressive slip prevention on walkways, steps, ramps and more in dry or damp conditions, external or internal. The coarser grades of Safety Grip will provide slip protection in ice, snow and mud also, lending their use to construction sites and more.


Conformable – With a surface made from aluminium oxide, just like Heskins® Safety Grip, the main difference is the backing the grit is applied to. On conformable, the backing is aluminium foil. We named conformable due to one of it’s most prominent features, the aluminium foil backing, which allows it to literally conform to any surface, such as metal foot plates. With gentle persuasion with a rubber mallet or pressure roller, conformable anti slip tape can be easily applied to any irregular surface, without attempting to revert back to a flat shape, leaving a great anti slip surface, that will last for years.


Skateboard Grip Tape – Available in industry standard 80 grit, or 60 grit for beginners, the best skateboard grip tape always gives confidence in providing a sure footing, but freedom of movement too. There is always a preference on the grip tape and shoes used by pro skateboarders, giving them great control of their skateboard, with the confidence and grip to pull off exceptional tricks.


Longboard Grip Tape – With properties that are equal to our skateboard grip tape, but with a backing tape that can resist the temperatures that the operation of a longboard can create, our longboard grip tape is produced to avoid accelerated degradation of the material, removing the requirement to replace it frequently.


Transparent Anti Slip Tape – Heskin®s developed clear grip tape after discovering S2 (a derivative of sand known as silica), transluscent glass beads which allow for the creation of a virtually transparent grip tape that is extremely effective. Transparent anti slip tape is suitable for areas that require almost inconspicuous slip prevention, so it will increase safety, but not detract from aesthetics of a particular design or environment. Environments that are natural or designed in a certain way are suitable for application of clear anti slip tape.


glow in the dark hazard anti slip tapeGlow in the Dark Anti Slip Tape – In low light areas or power outs, glow in the dark slip resistant tape is perfect for providing excellent slip prevention as well as a visual warning or guide. Heskins® have created many variants from the base material that lend themselves to a variety of applications. The glow in the dark effect is achieved by adding photos to the plastic backing and the resin that bonds the grit to it. Glow in the dark anti slip tape is 60 grit, and stays this grade through all it’s product varients and constituents.


Marine Anti Slip Tape – Heskins® latest creation for abrasive anti-slip tape, and is an industry first. Heskins® first anti-slip product specifically aimed at the marine industry. The grit applied to the surface is the 60 grit S2, like on our transparent slip-resistant tape, but the major difference is that the resin and backing used is completely salt resistant, which ensures and guarantees prolonged use out in the open seas, on commercial or pleasure vessels. Its construction means it can be used in demanding environments, or more casual ones, both ways ensuring maximum slip protection. Heskins® can offer all of these abrasive slip-resistant tapes in a wide range of sizes, shapes and color options, with print available on some materials. Heskins® offer custom solutions, dependent on order quantity, helping you to get the specific anti-slip solution for your business, as our fleet of post-production machines allow us to create efficient and cost-effective packages for you. View our video on Safety Grip anti slip tape grades right here. For more information, you can visit the website, or alternatively, contact us by phone or live chat, we would love to hear from you.


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