Slow Moving Vehicle Decals Available Now!

slow moving vehicle decalSlow moving vehicle decals are the latest addition to our range at Heskins. Their function is simple, but their requirement is necessary. If you are travelling in a vehicle that cannot exceed 40 km/h, then a slow moving vehicle decal must be applied to the rear of your vehicle, in view of other traffic. Heskins slow moving vehicle stickers are constructed from a red outer triangle with the corners cut off, bordering an orange, fluorescent vinyl triangle.  The red outer triangle is made from our UV resistant, virtually impact proof, reflective DOT tape, ensuring a high quality product from the off. The permanent self adhesive allows long-lasting performance when applied correctly, and to do so, a clean, dry surface is required to achieve the proper adhesion. Slow moving vehicle decals are available to purchase from us right now. If you require a custom option, then dependent on order quantity, we can supply those too. To enquire further about our slow moving vehicle stickers or custom options, or to simply place an order, you can get in touch by phone, live chat or the contact us form on the site. We look forward to hearing from you.

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