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Slow Moving Vehicle Decals Available Now!

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Slow-moving vehicle decals are the newest addition to the Heskins range. Read the blog post to find out more info on slow-moving vehicle decals.

Slow-moving vehicle decals are the newest addition to the Heskins range, offering a crucial safety solution for vehicles that cannot exceed 40 km/h. While their function may be simple, their importance cannot be overstated. These decals are a necessary requirement for vehicles traveling at slower speeds to ensure they are easily visible to other drivers on the road. At Heskins, we take pride in providing high-quality slow-moving vehicle decals that meet the necessary safety standards and offer long-lasting performance.

Our slow-moving vehicle stickers are meticulously designed to maximize visibility and effectiveness. The decal features a red outer triangle with the corners cut off, creating a distinct shape that immediately grabs attention. This red triangle is made from our UV-resistant and virtually impact-proof reflective DOT tape, ensuring durability and maintaining visibility even in challenging conditions. Surrounding the red triangle is an orange, fluorescent vinyl triangle that further enhances the decal’s visibility, especially during daylight hours.

To ensure optimal adhesion and longevity, our slow-moving vehicle decals come with a permanent self-adhesive backing. When applied correctly to a clean and dry surface, the adhesive forms a strong bond that withstands various weather conditions, ensuring the decal remains securely in place. It is essential to prepare the surface properly before application to achieve the desired adhesion and longevity.

We understand that different vehicles may require custom options for their slow-moving vehicle decals. Depending on the order quantity, we offer the flexibility to provide customized decals that meet your specific requirements. Our team is ready to assist you with any inquiries or orders. You can reach us by phone, utilize our live chat feature, or simply fill out the contact form on our website. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service and ensuring your satisfaction.

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In conclusion, Heskins’ slow-moving vehicle decals are an essential safety measure for vehicles that cannot exceed 40 km/h. Designed with high visibility and durability in mind, our decals feature a red outer triangle made from UV-resistant and impact-proof reflective DOT tape, accompanied by an orange, fluorescent vinyl triangle. The permanent self-adhesive ensures long-lasting performance when properly applied to a clean surface. Our slow moving vehicle decals also help meet regulations for truck drivers, which are important to follow not only for yourself but for other road users! For custom options or to place an order, our dedicated team is ready to assist you through various communication channels.

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