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Social Distancing Sign Now Available from Heskins LLC

Floor Markers

Our new floor signs are specifically designed for social distancing. Read more about our new, easy to apply and durable social distancing sign in this blog post.

As the global landscape continues to be shaped by the enduring need for social distancing, Heskins emerges as a leader in providing innovative solutions with the unveiling of the FM14 social distancing sign. In the ever-evolving conversation surrounding safety and well-being, this new addition to our product lineup is more than just a sign; it’s a testament to our commitment to creating safer environments through practical, durable, and visually impactful tools.

At its core, the FM14 is a response to the ongoing challenge of maintaining physical distance in various settings. Crafted with precision and care, this sign serves as a constant reminder to both employees and guests about the critical importance of keeping a safe distance. It encapsulates Heskins’ dedication to safety, reflecting our ongoing effort to adapt and provide tangible solutions to the unprecedented challenges we face.

A pivotal aspect of the FM14’s effectiveness lies in the choice of materials. Constructed from industrial-grade plastic, this sign transcends the conventional. It’s not merely a message; it’s a robust, reliable tool designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use. The adhesive backing, a key feature of the FM14, ensures that once applied to a clean, dry surface, the sign stays firmly in place, consistently delivering its crucial message.

Safety and convenience should not be mutually exclusive. Recognizing this, the FM14 incorporates a mild emboss texture on its surface, a thoughtful design element aimed at preventing slip hazards often associated with standard floor signs. This level of consideration sets the FM14 apart, ensuring that safety is not just communicated but also implemented in a practical, user-friendly manner.

The visual impact of the FM14 is carefully curated for maximum effectiveness. The bold black and yellow color scheme isn’t merely for aesthetics; it serves a functional purpose, capturing attention and effectively conveying the imperative for social distancing. Beyond initial application, the vibrant colors persist, thanks to the protective surface laminate, even under the pressures of heavy foot traffic—a testament to the FM14’s longevity and visibility.

The FM14 is more than just a floor sign; it’s a versatile tool designed to adapt to various environments. While excelling as a floor sign, it transcends traditional boundaries. Doors, walls—any smooth, clean, dry surface becomes an opportunity for impactful messaging. This adaptability ensures that the FM14 can be strategically placed within your facility for maximum visibility and effectiveness.
Placing an order for the FM14 is a seamless process, reflective of our commitment to providing practical solutions efficiently. Our expert sales team is readily available to assist you through phone or live chat. Alternatively, for your convenience, our contact form awaits your inquiries, promising a prompt response from a member of our sales team, facilitating a smooth and efficient ordering experience.

In these uncertain times, Heskins stands firm in its commitment to fostering secure environments. The FM14 social distancing sign is not merely a product; it’s a symbol of our unwavering dedication to your well-being. Embrace the future of safety in your facility—order your FM14 today and let safety be the cornerstone of your space, ensuring a brighter and safer tomorrow.


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